Anupama 1st November 2022 Written Update:

Anupama 1st November 2022 Written Update on

Vanraj uncover that Pakhi won’t be permitted to the Shah house. He requests that Shahs end the conversation. Anuj requests that Vanraj reconsider. Vanraj requests that Anuj support and Adhik and Pakhi both. He shares with Anuj to turn into Pakhi’s dad and anticipate nothing from him. Vanraj won’t pardon Pakhi and Adhik. He adds he won’t ever acknowledge Pakhi and Adhik’s marriage.

Hasmuk says that Vanraj isn’t a state to figure out anything. He requests Anuj to assume the liability from Pakhi. Hasmuk folds his hand before Anuj. Anuj asks Hasmuk not to make a solicitation. Hasmuk expresses in view of Vanraj’s annoyance he can’t invite Pakhi. He requests that Anuj take Pakhi with him. Hasmuk requests that Anupama and Anuj assume Pakhi’s liability.

Kavya, Leela and Samar encourage Anupama and Anuj to take Pakhi. Leela says there is no joy in Pakhi’s marriage. Anupama embraces Leela and cry. Hasmuk requests that Anupama take Pakhi with her since her home is Pakhi’s too now. He requests that Anupama solace herself so he can assume Pakhi’s liability. Hasmuk requests that Anupama start another excursion on New Year. Anupama petition God to give her the solidarity to manage what is happening. She requests that Shahs deal with themselves.

Kavya feels awful reasoning Anupama needs to invite her little girl in her home. Anupama and Anuj choose to return home. Pakhi gets some information about them. She asks where they will go. Anupama requests that Pakhi go with her to the home.

Pakhi inquires as to whether she excuse her. Anupama says no. She slams Pakhi and Adhik for wedding each other without pondering the results. Anupama guarantee Pakhi underestimated their adoration. She chooses to take Pakhi and Adhik to Kapadia house.Anuj attempt to assist Pakhi and Adhik with picking their packs.

Anupama stops and requests that Anuj let Pakhi and Adhik worry about their concern. Pakhi going to fall. Adhik upholds Pakhi. Anupama choose to show a thing or two to Pakhi. Anupama drive Pakhi and Adhik. Samar will not give up Pakhi. He meets Pakhi. Pakhi requests that Samar excuse her. Adhik guarantee Samar that he will deal with Pakhi. Samar requests that Adhik keep his words else he won’t extra him. Samar requests that Pakhi pay attention to Anupama.

Adhik requests that Samar trust him. Samar says one needs to procure trust. Adhik requests that Samar allow him an opportunity to win their trust. Anu inquires as to whether she will remain with them. Anuj tells to Anu that Pakhi and Adhik will remain with them. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Barkha goes distraught at Pakhi and Adhik. Anupama requests Anuj to convey the obligation from Adhik and Pakhi.

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