Kumkum Bhagya 14th November 2022 Written Update:

Kumkum Bhagya 14th November 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode begins with Aryan holding Shahana’s hand while embracing Mili. Shahana eliminates his hand and leaves the room. Ranbir emerges from the washroom and leaves. Prachi holds up close to the doorstep to get the report. Rhea chooses to go up against Prachi however she slips. That time somebody takes Prachi shutting her mouth.

Rhea stands up and sees Prachi’s absent. She contemplates whom she really wants to stop, Alia or Prachi. She chooses to stop Alia. Shahana runs out reviewing Aryan and Mili’s embrace. Aryan attempts to let Shahana know that she is misreading what is going on. Shahana attempts to make sense of for him what she felt. Aryan requests that she unwind. Shahana sees Rhea is following Alia. She feels something is off-putting and follows Rhea without paying attention to Aryan.

Prachi asks Ranbir for what reason he got her along these lines. She demands him to let her leave as it’s her sangeet. Ranbir says he can’t let her leave as he has privileges on her. Prachi is going to leave. Ranbir inquires as to whether she can leave him. Prachi gestures yea. Ranbir requests that she show it. Prachi is going to leave however she can’t leave hearing the melody played by him. He sentiments Prachi. She embraces him. Ranbir hits the dance floor with Prachi.

Rhea stops Alia and requests that she not meet her man as they are attempting to act over shrewd and he isn’t in your control. Alia says she needs to know why he called her. Rhea requests that Alia handle the report and tells her that she will meet her man.

Alia concurs and wishes her karma. Alia heads inside. Shahana conceals in Rhea’s vehicle trunk. Ranbir asks Prachi for what valid reason she didn’t leave. Prachi says his heart halted her. Ranbir says my heart let you know numerous things however you heard only one. Prachi looks on. He causes her to sit on the couch and applies Mehendi to her.

Prachi says it will make her got and lets him know that she will eliminate it as it won’t be great on the off chance that somebody sees it. She gets astonished to see Pranbir. Ranbir says it’s their name and commitments her that he won’t ever allow it to get isolated. Prachi gets close to home. He requests that she wash it whenever it’s gotten dry. He leaves.

Alia sits tight for reports. Visitors make Alia occupied. That time a messenger kid comes there. Sid gets the report. Ranbir sees it. The report succumbs to Sid’s hand and it falls close to Aryan’s feet. Aryan takes it. Sid says I can with certainty say Rhea’s child doesn’t being to Ranbir. Sid sees Dna isn’t coordinating. Ranbir takes the report and notification it.

Madhurima goes to the medical clinic and learns nurture sends Kinjal reports to Rhea’s home accidentally. Madhurima requests that Medical attendant give Rhea’s report to her yet the attendant denies saying she can’t give Preethi’s case report to her. Madhurima calls Rhea and requests that she take her report from the medical clinic extra space.

Rhea requests that she make it happen. Madhurima tells her she can’t face this challenge as she might lose her permit. Shahana hears it and remembers to illuminate Prachi however it doesn’t occur in light of an absence of signs. Rhea calls Alia and illuminates her that some unacceptable report is conveyed to our home and my report is still in the emergency clinic something do as well. Alia guarantees her she will follow through with something.

Alia slams into Pallavi. Pallavi asks where is she going in a rush and inquires as to whether all is well. Alia says all is great and leaves. Prachi observes it and thinks all isn’t great. Sid says this report is demonstrating Rhea’s lying. Ranbir says it’s not Rhea’s report and leaves tossing it. Sid gets stunned seeing Kinjal’s report.

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