Kumkum Bhagya 4th November 2022 Written Update:

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Episode begins with Dida telling Prachi that everything occurred for good as I can see your and Ranbir’s affection is getting more grounded. Ranbir and Prachi gaze at one another. Dida grins seeing them. Ranbir in a roundabout way says everybody figures out it with the exception of Prachi. Dida grins.

Ranbir is going to leave. Dida asks him where is he going. Ranbir says he will take Rhea to the emergency clinic for a DNA test. Prachi asks isn’t it tomorrow. Ranbir says mother preponed the program. He leaves. Dida requests that Prachi go with Rhea and Ranbir to the clinic. Prachi inquires as to why. Dida says Rhea might change reports to overcome you so keeping an eye on her activities is great.

Prachi expresses gratitude toward her for the thought. Vikram available to come in to work yells at somebody. Pallavi asks him for what reason he looks irritated. Vikram inquires as to whether she has the right of lashing out. Pallavi says it’s fine to tell me, appears as though you’re resentful about the Workplace matter. He says he is annoyed with her. Pallavi asks what he implied.

Vikram says he is worn out on customary battles in the house. Alia hears their discussions. Vikram faults Pallavi for the wreck in the house. Pallavi requests that he tell her straightforwardly.

Vikram says Prachi is girl in regulation and little girl of this house and I felt awful seeing the manner in which you embarrassed her. He cautions her to not act with Prachi along these lines. He leaves. Alia attempts to stop Vikram however he leaves.

Alia meets Pallavi and tells her that it’s whenever she first is seeing this sort of conduct from Vikram with her. She says Prachi is behind Vikram’s change. Pallavi says Prachi can’t act any longer as she will take off from the house soon and I will not pardon Prachi for ruining my relationship with my child and spouse. Alia grins.

Prachi stops Ranbir and lets him know that she needs to go with him to the emergency clinic. Rhea comes there and inquires as to whether she is coming to be aware on the off chance that she is going through a test or not. Ranbir oversees saying Prachi is coming for her ordinary test. Prachi involves the front seat and prods Rhea to sit back. They reach to clinic.

Rhea gets some information about Madhurima. Nurture illuminates her Madhu isn’t accessible and encourages her to counsel Preethi. Rhea says she needs Madhu for her DNA test. The attendant says Medical caretakers will take tests so Preethi is additionally fine. Rhea says it’s great in the event that they know Specialist. Preeti comes there and converses with Prachi. Prachi acquaints Preeti with Ranbir and lets him know that she is Sarita’s neighbor. She requests that Preeti do Rhea’s DNA test. Preeti concurs and takes Rhea with her.

Pallavi cries reviewing the manner in which Vikram conversed with her. Alia consoles Pallavi and requests that Pallavi expel Prachi by getting her hitched to Sid then circumstances at home get settled. Pallavi says she is correct and calls somebody. Dida comes there and illuminates them that Sid disappears and his room is muddled like somebody hijacked him. They go to actually take a look at his room.

Preeti gets some information about her pregnancy subtleties. Rhea feels strained. Prachi inquires as to whether he confides in her? Ranbir tells Prachi that she will find the solution she needs and she loves it as well. Rhea attempts to send away the specialist by spilling some water on her. Rhea apologizes to the specialist for spilling the water. The specialist says there is compelling reason need and goes outside to toss the tissue paper. The specialist shares with Ranbir and Prachi that she emerged to toss the tissue. Rhea attempts to call Dr. Madhurima.

Pallavi, Daljeet, and Alia come to Sid’s room and sees that the room is totally screwed up as though there was a battle. Daljeet says she searched for Sid in the house and says she didn’t find him anyplace. Daljeet says somebody could have snatched Sid. Alia figures who did this as she didn’t send anybody to snatch Sid. Pallavi calls Vikram. Alia attempts to call somebody. Alia gets a call from Rhea. Pallavi inquires as to whether the telephone is from Sid. Alia says no and expresses it’s from work. Alia goes to accept the call. Vikram comes and asks them what occurred. Daljeet tells Vikram that Sid is missing.

Rhea calls Alia and says she is having a tough time. She says Dr. Madurima isn’t here and says the specialist who is selected to do the test is somebody Prachi knows. Rhea says she is cornered from all sides. Alia attempts to quiet Rhea and tell her what occurred in the house yet Rhea doesn’t permit her. Rhea sees Dr. Preeti coming and requests that Alia do what she said and cuts the call. Alia calls Dr. Madurima.

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