Anupama 4th November 2022 Written Update:

Anupama 4th November 2022 Written Update on

Anupama checks upon Anu. She put Anu to the rest. Anu searches for Anupama. Pakhi sees Anupama. She reviews Adhik’s assertion. Adhik believes that Pakhi should rest independently until their family acknowledges them. Pakhi acclaims Adhik. She uncovers to Adhik that she regards him a great deal.

Adhik request Pakhi to converse with Anupama. Pakhi choose to converse with Anupama. She tells to Adhik that until all that falls on its place she will lay down with Anu.Anupama sees Pakhi. Pakhi tells to Anupama about Adhik’s interest. She further requests that Anupama put her to the rest as well.

Pakhi imparts her apprehension to Anupama and cries. She spills her guts and admits that she is feeling desolate notwithstanding being with her. Pakhi requests that Anupama embrace her. Anupama embraces Pakhi. Pakhi and Anupama get mournful. Anuj spots Anupama with Anu and Pakhi. He removes a stink eye from Anupama.

Then, day Vanraj searches for Pakhi. Shahs sit dazed. Vanraj review Pakhi’s marriage. He review about tossing Pakhi out from the house. Vanraj blows up and request Shahs to stop the party tune. Samar tells to Vanraj that that another person is playing the melody.

Hasmuk tells to Leela that Vanraj will require some investment to adjust the change. Samar, Vanraj wishes each other a cheerful new year. Paritosh gets back. Vanraj asks Paritosh how he returned soon. Paritosh tells he neglected to control himself post finding out about Pakhi. He says
he can’t completely accept that Pakhi rehashed a similar mix-up like him.

Pakhi and Adhik wishes Anupama, Anuj, Barkha and Ankush a blissful new year. Adhik requests that Anuj check assuming there is any appropriate occupation for him in his organization. He says he needs to assume Pakhi’s liability. Anuj choose to help Adhik. Adhik and Pakhi expresses gratitude toward Anuj. Barkha calls Adhik’s endeavor counterfeit. Adhik and Barkha contend with one another. Anupama asks Adhik and Barkha not to battle on the principal day of New Year.

Anuj further tells to Pakhi and Adhik that he alongside Anupama will discuss them with Shahs. Samar, Kavya and Paritosh request that Shahs unwind. Vanraj misses Pakhi. Kavya inquires as to whether he won’t pardon Pakhi of all time. Vanraj says he is yet to choose. Kavya requests that Leela talk with Vanraj. Leela says Pakhi has harmed Vanraj gravely. Vanraj miss Pakhi. Samar and Paritosh solace Vanraj. The two of them attempt to persuade Vanraj to acknowledge Pakhi and Adhik’s relationship.

Barkha stand up to Adhik about involving Pakhi for his own advantage. Adhik bombs Barkha’s arrangement to trap him. He requests that Barkha avoid him and Pakhi. Barkha choose to uncover Adhik. Anuj, Anupama consults with Shahs about Pakhi and Adhik’s marriage. Vanraj declined Anuj and Anupama’s proposition.

Precap: Pakhi requests for marriage at an exotic location. Anupama rejects for terrific wedding.

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