Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 14th November 2022 Written Update:

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 14th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Indu asks Zoon that she recollects when she used to be in CAA focus that time they used to miss one another. Yet, this time they don’t need to avoid one another. They will remain under same rooftop as it were. Zoon asks Indu that implies they can meet each other right. Indu says nothing yet shakes her head no.

Zoon inquires as to why which makes everybody upset. She further says that she could do without Swati and her choice and cries saying she generally needed a blissful family but since of Swati’s organization it’s not working out.

Indu embraces Zoon and asks her not to cry. She tells Zoon in the event that she cries, they she will be feeble yet her mom is areas of strength for an on the grounds that her girl is solid so asks her not to lose trust. She likewise lets Zoon know that she needs to major areas of strength for remain inquires as to whether she maintains that her mom should be powerless?

Zoon says no. Indu tells then she needs to adhere to her guidelines and tells her Zoon she will get back to her mom and Ritesh so asks her not to cry. Zoon asks Indu that she and Ritesh will come to the house in which she remains right? Indu says OK and makes a commitment.

Indu and Zoon embraces one another. Indu lets Sameer know that today he is taking her girl however he really wants to recall one thing Zoon she will get Zoon requests that he let Kadambari in on the equivalent. Sameer taunts at her platitude she is dreaming a decent dream. Indu tells him with assurance she will make her fantasy come genuine without a doubt. She likewise tells that both Sameer and Kadambari won’t ever comprehend the relationship of a mother and girl and they might think they crushed her which is their greatest misconception due to which they will lose.

Sameer derides at her idiom Swati not even allowed to take a gander at Zoon and she is showing mentality to him to grab Zoon. Indu reminds him how she get Zoon after Kadambari brought forth her and says a room won’t separate her from her little girl which shocks everybody. Sameer calls her insane and says even she personally realizes that she can ready to do nothing so he would rather not burn through his time by enjoying a discussion with her and says that he is leaving.

Indu requests that Sameer quit saying the discussion isn’t finished at this point and says OK she is an insane mother who made every one of the incomprehensible things to conceivable one for her little girl. Once more she likewise says that she is as major areas of strength for yet mother’s love with her to battle for her girl with this world which Kadambari doesn’t have. Kadambari may won this case by tricking everybody likewise with her persuasions however soon she will uncover her and Zoon will get back to her and that day isn’t far away. Everybody looks on.

Indu asks Zoon that now she understands what she needs to do well. Zoon says OK and says that she is major areas of strength for an of a solid mother and requests that Indu take great consideration of Ritesh. She further asks the relatives not to cry since she is additionally not crying likewise she knows her mom Indu will satisfy the commitment she made to her and expresses bye to everybody and stroll towards the exit of the house.

Sameer proceeds to broaden his hand however Zoon overlooks him and leave her own. Sameer takes a gander at Indu then leaves. Ritesh attempts to go behind Zoon saying that he can’t allow Zoon to remain with the untrustworthy individuals like Sameer and Kadambari.

Indu stops him and lets him know that they need to follow the court orders as they have no other choice left than this. Ritesh yells at Indu saying that he will not follow the court requests and says that he will make every effort and assuming he needs he will take Zoon to other nation where Sameer and Kadambari can’t arrive at Zoon yet he won’t allow Zoon to remain with them. Indu tells Ritesh he personally realizes that they have no other choice except for to follow the orders.

On the off chance that she didn’t conversed with Zoon that way then Zoon would have cried hard and hauled away from them which neither she nor him need right and please with Ritesh to pay attention to her. Ritesh drives her away and tells that his little girl will remain with him as it were. He likewise tells that he made a guarantee to Zoon and attempts to leave the spot however Indu advises him that he even made a guarantee to Zoon to control his outrage what might be said about that.

Ritesh looks on stunned. He then, at that point, cries infront of everybody by faulting himself for losing the case. The Raina’s gets sad. Ritesh cowers and calls himself a disappointment. Indu stoops infront of him and says father never bombs particularly genie daddy. She additionally tells that she will major areas of strength for remain take on this conflict since, supposing that she acknowledges this rout then she can’t ready to return to her girl which she never let it work out and urges Ritesh to remain solid.

Indu lets Ritesh know that subsequent to hearing the appointed authority choice she additionally breakdown very much like him yet after she emerges from the court she has seen a mother with her kid. She then get an indication of Zoon. She additionally understands their tears are making them frail as opposed to squandering their energy she chooses to utilize it to get back Zoon. She then inquires as to whether he is prepared to help her in this battle and advances her hand.

Ritesh gestures and places his hand in her’s. Indu goes inside her room where she breakdown. Ritesh watches this through the window and flies off the handle. He then, at that point, thumps the entryway and when Indu opens the entryway he tells her that they need to go to house so they can watch out for Sameer and Kadambari likewise deal with Zoon. Indu gestures alright. In Malhotra’s manor Kaamna does aarti for Zoon.

Sameer advances his hand for Zoon however the last option overlooks him and goes inside all alone. Kaamna ridicules at Zoon’s demeanor however Sameer tells her Zoon will change like them by being with them. Kaamna praises Sameer and Kadambari for winning the case. Sameer tells her Kadambari went to the specialist to check up as she feeling not great additionally adds that this triumph is everybody’s. Kaamna concurs with him. Indu and Ritesh comes to the front room.

Anjali embraces Indu. Sunita comes there with curd and sugar and feeds Indu saying their fight isn’t finished at this point. Her mom’s help gifts are dependably with her which fulfills Indu and Ritesh. Vivek requests that Ritesh and Indu ask him any assistance which he will do. Anjali and Rahul additionally says their help is with them. Rajender tells his help is with them generally. They all holds hands together and says they will bring back their Zoon. Indu and Ritesh gaze at one another cheerfully.

Precap: Sameer examines with Kadambari over a call about her dad’s property cycle likewise their arrangement to leave India which Indu and Ritesh learns and considers how to stop Sameer and Kadambari. Ritesh tells they need to stop Sameer and Kadambari removing Zoon from them by legitimately just barely then Indu gets a call from Meghna and Ritesh requests that she respond to it. Indu looks on.

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