Kaamnaa 25th May 2022 Written Update:

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The episode begins with Yadhu saying Manav that he don’t need Akanksha around him any longer. Manav says he can’t keep away from her month to month two times and guarantees that he would be with her at whatever point he meets her. Yadhu cautions Yashoda to not present to him any food made by Ala to him and she concurs. Manav asks him not to stress as she would no more get future time there as he has kept her occupied. Akanksha gets back home and finds generally her cash and gems missing.

She gets frightened and Babli uncovers that Vaibhav took everything. She argues her to not uncover her name when she becomes more acquainted with who got it done. Akanksha flies off the handle. Manav and Yadhu are getting to know one another when he finds Yadhu unglued about something. Yadhu imparts to him about Sakshi’s marriage and Manav gets out whatever’s the issue with it. Yadhu says that Sakshi isn’t content with the marriage yet Manav says that Sakshi is adequately reasonable to decide and asks him not to stress.

Manav gets Meera’s call expressing that Vaibhav avoided utilizing his associations and Manav says they anticipated it. Meera makes sense of their best course of action and Manav values her. Vaibhav comes to office and really looks at his mystery spot to find Niharika’s reports missing. He lashes out and sees Meera and Manav holding up in his gathering. Manav and Meera derides Vaibhav and uncover that they had nothing with them except for now they got everything. Meera gives the copy and says regarding their snare while Vaibhav vapor.

At school Yadhu and Ayesha examine about Sakshi’s marriage. They spot Sakshi coming and goes quiet. Anurag comes behind her and aggravates her regardless of Sakshi communicating her dismay. They notice everything. Vaibhav returns home and Akanksha gets rough as he sold get gems. Vaibhav makes sense of whatever occurred and says that he did all that for giving her the half offer. He says that Manav destroyed everything and says they need to figure out how to overcome him. Akanksha says Yadhu is the best way to get past Manav.

Malti chastens Sakshi for playing hard to acknowledge Anurag and Sakshi communicates her abhorrence towards him. Malti says such it’s reality and not a film. She receives Anuradha’s message saying that Anurag concurred for the marriage. Ayesha and Yadhu hears it. They believe that Anurag is a phony individual as nobody would acknowledge her marriage even after Sakshi dismissing to such an extent.

Yadhu is contemplating when Yashoda comes there with improved curd. She takes care of it to him and Yadhu likes it and haves everything. She concocts a story that she could do without to remain with her child because of her irksome spouse and requests that he compose a letter expressing something similar. That’s what yadhu composes ” I could do without to remain in the house as is going to her Mama’s home”.

adhu dozes because of the resting pill curd while Akanksha holds up anxious. Yashoda considers Akanksha and says that her child composed the letter and furthermore nodded off. She advises her that she vowed to give her gold hoops to her and Akanksha consents to give and cuts the call. She rage that her last sets of hoop and, surprisingly, would be gone at this point.

Vaibhav requests that she show restraint for at some point and requests that she fend Yadhu off for just a month. He says a large number of that Manav will not possess energy for dealing with his work and they can undoubtedly win against Holkar. Akanksha concurs and Vaibhav needs to go with her yet she declines and leaves. Akanksha comes there and gives the stud to Yashoda and remedies the orientation in the letter. She takes dozing Yadhu.

Precap : Manav will get terrified as Yadhu don’t get the call. Vaibhav will be there to remove Yadhu. Yadhu will yell for his dad to save him yet Vaibhav will powerfully drag him away.

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