Anupama 25th May 2022 Written Update:

Anupama 25th May 2022 Written Update on

In the present episode, Anuj acclaims food. He says 95% lady of the hour and husband to be don’t have a clue about the flavor of their own wedding food yet they are eating two times. Anupama says they can’t squander food. Anuj searches for GK. Anupama says GK dozed ahead of schedule as he was worn out. She further gives him her saree to wipe his face.

Anuj shares with Anupama that assuming she will continue to ruin him correspondingly than her saree will get messy consistently. Anupama says this isn’t wrecking her saree. Anuj attempts to draw near to Anupama. Anupama feels tired. Anuj helps Anupama in the kitchen.

Anuj assists Anupama with removing her gems. Anupama becomes flushed, melody phela pyaar hai plays behind the scenes. Anuj conveys Anupama to the bed. Hasmuk appeals to God. Pakhi requests that Samar serve tea to Hasmuk. Samar shares with Pakhi that she just know to arrange her senior sibling. Leela and Vanraj returns.

Pakhi requests that Samar get tea for Leela and Vanraj also. She gets some information about distant grandma. Leela illuminates she is well. Vanraj says Jignesh is with her. Partiosh and Kinjal come. Vanraj deals with Kinjal and tells her that in Anupama’s nonappearance she wants not to stress. Kinjal gets stricken. Leela finds Kavya informing somebody on portable. She questions her aim.

Anupama prepares. Anuj’s rest gets upset by sun and Anupama shadow him. He gets hypnotized seeing Anupama. Leela find Kavya addressing Anirudh. She slams Leela for as yet staying in contact with Anirudh. Shah’s accumulated and asks Leela that matter. Leela illuminates Hasmuk and others that Kavya is addressing her ex stowing away from everybody.

Kavya tells Leela that she is upset for addressing Anirudh. Be that as it may, presently Anupama’s wedding is finished and presently she will meet and call Anirudh home as well. Vanraj yells at Kavya. Kavya yells at Vanraj back. Vanraj objection to Kavya that not a solitary day he inhabited harmony with her.

Kavya lashes out at Vanraj and inquires as to whether he understands now the way that it felt when you meet with your ex. Vanraj asks Kavya whats her concern? Kavya requests a separation from Vanraj.

Somewhere else, Anupama petitions God for everybody’s bliss. She do aarti. GK and Anuj joins Anupama in the request. Anuj and Anupama feed each other Prasad. Anuj says thanks to God for sending Anupama in his life.

Kavya shares with Vanraj that he has tossed separate from paper all over yet she being tasteful giving it on his hand. She adds she has previously marked the papers and requests Vanraj to sign and free her. Leela requests that Kavya take off from the house. Kavya says until separation will happen she will be in the house. She says Anirudh will visit her and none can stop. Leela says she can’t endure affront of Vanraj. Anupama requests that God continue to favor on her.

Precap: Vanraj requests that Shah’s continue on from Anupama. Anuj plans to go on a vacation with Anupama.

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