Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th May 2022 Written Update:

Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Pakhi racing to save Agastya. She falls and gets injured, however keeps on running. Other hand Meera arrives where her men held Pakhi. Meera tells Yug that they won’t go before Agastya. She says that they will kill Agastya and accuses Pakhi. She says that police will track down Pakhi’s gems alongside Agastya’s body. The case will be Pakhi killed Agastya to get payback, they will get freed off her like this then they will kill her family so they don’t have issue to get the property. She tells Yug to stand by outside as she’s sufficient to kill him. Yug obliges.

Meera comes before Agastya with a torchlight. Agastya imagines that she’s his companion and expresses her to free him quick. He inquires as to why she’s not uttering a word. Meera touches off the fire around Agastya. The last option says that she’s is his companion and inquires as to why she needs to kill him. He cries. Meera emerges. Yug gets some information about Agastya. Meera says that he is dead. They leave.

Pakhi arrives at the area and gets stunned the house in fire. She goes in to save Agastya. She sees him lying oblivious in the fire. She leaps off from the seat to arrive at Agastya. She liberates Agastya and expresses him to awaken him. She thinks about how to take Agastya from here. She looks for God’s assistance.

Pakhi imagines that she ought to think with quiet head to save Agastya. She recalls that she used to arrive at this spot with her father when she was a youngster. Pakhi gets water and a blanket She sprinkles water on Agastya to take him back to his cognizance, yet all the same to no end. Pakhi covers Agastya with a responsibility and figures out how to take him from that point.

In the medical clinic specialist says that Agastya got a shock as a result of fire and he wants rest fir few days. He says that he will endorse medication for him. Shanaya telephones Pakhi and expresses her to come Pakhi to Agastya’s home soon. Pakhi asks what occurred. She expresses her to get back home first. Pakhi brings Agastya home. Dadi gets some information about what Agastya. Pakhi says her everything specialist said. Pakhi asks where Shanaya is, she called her and she appeared to be terrified in the call. Dadi and Naveli remain quiet. Shanaya comes to Pakhi and says that Prema and Sameer are missing stunning Pakhi.

The last option stresses whether Meera hurt them. All of a sudden Meera comes there. Pakhi yells at Meera where her folks are. Meera says that she has sent them to God. Pakhi asks what she is meaning. Meera says that they have gone for blessed trip. Meera compromises Pakhi that they will be save until she help out her. She cautions her folks can meet with mishap on the off chance that she makes trouble with her. Meera expresses Pakhi to sign the property papers else she will not have the option to see her folks face once more.

Pakhi comes. Meera shares with Pakhi to sign the property papers as she has no alternate way. Pakhi will not believe Meera nad expresses her to get her folks front of her before she signs the property papers. Meera shows a phony vehicle varsh video to Pakhi and undermines that it can turn into her folks reality. Meera hands Pakhi the property papers. Pakhi looks on powerlessly. Pakhi signs the property papers crying. Meera and Yug get happy. Meera says that she at long last what she needed.

Meera says that it will required seven days for the property to be moved to her name, so they can work under her till that. She cautions to not take any brilliant action. She says that a few significant visitors are coming for the supper and expresses them to make game plans. Dado demands Meera to allow Doctor to screen Agastya as she’s terrified that he will fall into the trance state. Meera says that it relies upon her mind-set. Pakhi becomes stressed over Agastya.

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