Radha Mohan 25th May 2022 Written Update:

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Episode starts with Damini’s hooligans hijacks Radha without Mohan’s information. Mohan pivots and actually takes a look at the vehicle dicky. He ponders that where Radha proceeded to shout her name. Then again, Kadambari illuminates Damini about message. Damini tells her that she sent no message to Mohan. She understands that Gungun should be behind this and moves towards Gungun indignantly. Damini’s mom cautions Damini about Tulsi’s soul and requests that she handle Gungun respectfully.

Damini asks Gungun that where the last option sent Mohan. Gungun tells her that she just sent message to Mohan and she doesn’t have the foggiest idea about that where is he now. Kadambari asks her that for what reason the last option did that. Gungun tells her that they attempted to trick her so she tricked them. Kadambari ponders that where Mohan went alone. Gungun uncovers that Radha should be with Mohan which shocks everybody.

In the woodland, Mohan look through Radha. One of the thug considers Damini and tells her that they captured the kid and the call gets detached in view of the unfortunate organization. Radha eliminates the hooligan’s cover and sees his face. He picks her and leaves from that point. She petitions God for help. She tosses her gems on the way. In the interim, Rahul says that Mohan and Radha are not children and they will return without help from anyone else. Ketki lets him know that she is happy that cookout plan got floundered.

Mohan sees Radha’s gems and follows that way. Radha’s Dadi calls Mohan’s home landline number. Damini’s mom picks the call and says that Radha take off from the house with Mohan. Vishwanath admonishes her for saying this to them. Kadambari lets Damini’s mom know that Radha isn’t that way. Radha’s Dadi trusts that Radha isn’t in no peril.

Hooligans chooses to make Radha oblivious. Mohan comes there and beat those thugs. One of the thug focuses weapon at Mohan. Radha tosses stone at that thug. Thug fires the honey bees home. Mohan requests that Radha run from that point. She sees his harmed hand and covers herself and Mohan with her duppata ( Title melody plays behind the scenes ). After some time, she tears her duppata and attaches it on Mohan’s hand to stop the dying. She takes him to the vehicle.

Damini lets her mom know that Mohan isn’t picking the call. Damini’s mom tells her that everything destroyed. Damini ponders that why Goon said that he captured the youngster. Kadambari gets some information about Mohan. Rahul tauntingly says that they ought to contact the police to track down Mohan. Kadambari requests that he head inside.

Radha takes the medical aid box and treats Mohan’s physical issue. She says that they ought to go to the clinic. He tells her that he ought to keep the bird home on the tree. She lets him know that she will make it happen and keeps the bird home on the tree. That’s what he sees and blacks out which stuns her. She requests that he open his eyes saying that Gungun should be sitting tight for him.

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