Kaamnaa 23rd June 2022 Written Update:

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The episode begins with Ayesha carrying a crate to Yadhu. Yadhu opens it to find a photograph edge of his selfie with Manav and Sakshi. Yadhu asks Ayesha For what reason’s she upset. Ayesha says her mom and Manav uncle battled with one another and stresses who will deal with her mom. Yadhu says his dad is extremely understanding and says they can talk with him. Manav declines to Niharika’s solicitation to continue on with the birthday celebration.

Niharika says they ought to keep individual and expert life unique and cuts the consider saying that he ought to go to the party without a doubt. Manav sees Ayesha crying and figures out the justification for her concern. He says that he just professed to battle with his mother so she could beat her retribution and separate herself from Vaibhav. Sakshi likewise hears it. Ayesha wipes her tears and says thanks to Manav. Sakshi comes there and sends everybody to rest. Manav cries that nobody recalls his birthday and left to rest.

Karan flies off the handle at Swati and Babli as he finds his cash missing from the cabinet. He finds out if they took it yet they declines. Swati says that she sent Akanksha to tidy up the room and puzzles over whether she took it. Akanksha comes there with shopping packs and everybody he s disappointed with her way of behaving.

He finds out if she took the cash and Akanksha says OK. She says that the following day is Manav’s birthday and she took the cash to purchase presents for him. Karan attacks her however Akanksha says she would return the cash when she gets back with Manav. Swati requests that she return the things as it’s absolutely impossible that she could return to Manav’s life however Akanksha is resolute to not pay attention to her.

Manav wishes himself for his birthday taking a gander at the mirror and gets disheartened that nobody recalls his birthday. He falls asleep when others watch it from outside. They before long yells Happy Birthday and Manav gets surprised. He says that he thought they failed to remember his birthday yet Yadhu and others say that they can always remember his birthday. They all wish him for his birthday and Manav takes Malti’s gifts. They all wish him for his birthday. Manav asks Yadhu for his gift. Akanksha comes there and battles with security however security doesn’t give her access.

Malti sees it and requests that security get Akanksha far from them. Akanksha gets down on Manav yet he doesn’t answer. She likewise calls Yadhu however he turns off the telephone. Akanksha gets disappointed. Akanksha returns home and Swati insults her for getting offended herself. Babli slips away with the gifts. Akanksha says that she has enjoyed seven years with them and eliminating her from their life difficult. She’s certain that she would get back with Manav.

Sakshi, Yadhu and Malti are getting ready for Manav’s birthday when Sakshi says regarding the menu she has anticipated Manav. Yadhu texts Swati, Babli and Karan welcoming them for the birthday celebration. Manav comes there and they promptly conceal their things. Manav requests that they go out to have food outside yet they say against it. Sakshi says she has previously arranged his menu and says a straightforward menu disheartening Manav. Malti says she has back agonies and needs to visit specialist.

Manav consents to take her to specialist. Babli accompanies shopping packs and says that Yadhu has welcomed them for the party and she brought gifts for Manav. Akanksha gets some information about her presents and Babli says she purchased the presents returning hers and ridicules her that Yadhu didn’t welcome her for the party. Akanksha lashes out.

Precap : Niharika will trust that Manav will go to the party. Akanksha won’t express that till now Manav ever celebrated birthday without her and she will go to the party. Manav will commend his birthday celebration with his family at home and Sakshi will come there spruced up in a wonderful clothing. Manav will get entranced seeing her.

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