RadhaKrishn 23rd June 2022 Written Update:

RadhaKrishn 23rd June 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Bhrigu takes lord and others on the porch to demonstrate his soothsaying right and Srinivas wrong. Mists begin clearing. Srinivas freezes time and lets Bhrigu know that he doesn’t wnt to deceive him, yet he needs to satisfy his commitment of taking Laxmi/Bhargavi from here. He changes the star position and thaws time.

Bhrigu and lord are shocked to see the beginning somewhere new. Ruler says he can’t let Padmavati’s swayamvar occur in a wrong muhurat and fixes swayamwar following day. Bhrigu stands stunned seeing the unfurling of occasions.

Lord asks Padmavati for what valid reason she was finishing her room in Srinivas’ presence. Srinivas says he was enriching Padmavati’s room foreseeing that ruler would fix her swayamwar tomorrow. Ruler adulates him and leaves.

Bhrigu additionally applauds Srinivas’ information. Sriinivas says he simply has some information and isn’t a researcher like Bhrigu. Bhrigu welcomes him home. Srinivas says he will come subsequent to completing Padmavati’s room enhancement. Bhrigu figures Srinivas doesn’t appear to be an ordinary kid and he wants to appropriately test him. Srinivas faculties his expectation.

Bhrigu gets back and lets Khyati and Bhargavi know that somebody scrutinized his insight interestingly and he is correct. Khyati asks who is he. Bhrigu says its Srinivas, he underrated Srinivas.

Srinivas arrives at there. Bhrigu acclaims Srinivas’ information, gives him a kundali/horoscope and requests that he inspect this kundali. Srinivas says he is a fledgling before him. Bhrigu says he anticipated the horoscopes two times till now and says its Bhargavi’s kundali and he ought to foresee her marriage date and assuming he bombs he ought to leave the city for eternity.

Padmavati feels demoralized seeing Srinivas’ demonstration and believes assuming Srinivas is attempting to keep away from her. Her companion guarantees her that she want not stress as she will wed just Srinivas as numerous princess and lords won’t go to her swaywamvar. Padmavati thinks she really wants to straightforwardly converse with Srinivas.

Precap :Bhargavi inquires as to whether he read her kundali and when is her wedding date. Srinivas says tomorrow. Bhrigu lets Srinivas know that assuming he fizzles, he ought to leave Venkatgiri. Bhargavi figures Bhrigu will get her hitched to Vasu tomorrow.

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