Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 23rd June 2022 Written Update:

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 23rd June 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Saumya tells with regards to her infants she will transform a family show into an activity dramatization. She additionally tells that Sushma needed to lead this puja for their children that is the explanation she consented to get to sit adjacent to him in that puja. In the event that he has issue, he can leave. Prisha requests that Saumya converse with Armaan in a well mannered manner not in a rude manner since she can’t endure it.

Saumya asks Prisha who ste is to converse with her along these lines. She additionally asks Prisha and Armaan’s relationship status. She further asks her when the two of them goes out how Armaan presenting her. Prisha and Armaan both cautions her not to cross the cutoff points. Saumya insults them and asks Prisha doesn’t she realize that she shouldn’t go to a house where she isn’t welcomed and says Armaan is treated in a conscious way since he is a welcomed visitor dissimilar to her who is excluded. She then hauls Prisha out of the house.

Armaan lets Saumya know that he is the person who carried Prisha with him then how might she toss her out. Saumya tells this is her home so she will conclude who needs to remain and who needs to leave. On the off chance that he needs, he can leave since she can do the puja alone. Armaan tells Saumya that Sushma told both the guardians must be important for this puja. Saumya asks Armaan is he truly feel that without his presence she can’t ready to finish this puja.

She says that she is battling alone as a free ladies and mother to get back her children so it isn’t so difficult for her to become the two guardians to their infants and complete the puja. She then takes the child’s in her grasp and tells that henceforth she will be both mother and father for her child’s. Armaan moves towards Saumya yet Goldie stops him and informs him concerning the results of his activity. Armaan undermines both Saumya and Goldie saying he will destroy both of their life and vocation. Goldie ridicules him which rankles Armaan.

Armaan requests that Sushma accompany him to their home yet the last option says she is the person who proposed the puja so until the puja is over she wont leave. Armaan lashes out and going to tell something yet Harsh stops him and educates him that they can talk regarding this in their home then, at that point, frowns at Sushma who peers down. He favors the child’s and goes out with Armaan and Prisha.

Saumya sits with her child’s to play out the puja. Her dad requests that the cleric start the puja saying the mother of the child’s will play out the puja as both dad and mother which makes Saumya profound. While heading to home Prisha requests that Armaan drop her in the house saying that she isn’t feeling far better so Armaan concurs and drops her then leaves the spot. Prisha tells that she will show a thing or two to Saumya for offending her like this prior.

The cleric requests the name from the child’s to Saumya and the last option names them as Jahan and Jashan and tells the implying that one of her child is her reality and another is her bliss of her reality. Verma’s Sushma and Goldie gets cheerful hearing it additionally loves the names. Armaan in his home reviews Saumya’s words while drinking and blows up. Malini requests that Saumya call her dad to be familiar with her dad’s whereabouts however the last option guarantees her he will get back. Saumya gets a call from somebody who goes about as a conveyance accomplice. He requests that Saumya descend and gather the items which is under a gift wrap.

Saumya delays first however consents to go ground floor. She requests that Malini watch out for her child’s then, at that point, leaves the spot. Saumya descends and calls the individual. Prisha watches her from her concealing spot then goes inside without Saumya’s information. She sees Malini is in the kitchen so she occupies her by tossing things in the other room when Malini comes to check Prisha goes inside the kitchen and put the oil in a high fire and adds such countless chillies then puts the child’s close to the kitchen then goes out.

Saumya finds nobody is first floor so she goes to her home and gets stunned seeing the house is loaded up with the smoke. She gets down on her mom then, at that point, removes the children from that point. Later she chastens her mom for being indiscreet yet Malini tells her that she didn’t caused anything to such an extent that will damage the children. Saumya understands it’s finished by somebody intentionally and tells Malini she is certain Armaan is behind this so Malini xalls Sushma and lets her beginning and end know that occurred.

Sushma goes to Armaan and gives him an admonition to not to hurt her grandsons. Armaan gets stunned realizing whatever happened to his children. He gets irate so goes to Prisha’s home where he chokes her and stands up to her for her plan to seriously endanger his child’s life. Prisha protects herself however Armaan cautions her not to think like Saumya and requests that she do what he says then goes out. Prisha’s mom requests that Prisha leave Armaan yet the last option says Armaan will make Saumya’s life as a damnation so she needs him as it were.

The following day Veena requests that Saumya sign the agreement which the last option asked her. Saumya gets stunned when the provisions says that Saumya needs to labor for a long time with Veena yet she will be just an associate essayist so she wont gain the appreciation for her work. Saumya questions Veena yet the last option tells she is paying her for that likewise tells she never gives contract however particularly to her aides so presently it’s her decision to conclude what she needs. Saumya looks on stunned.

Precap: Armaan Saumya and Prisha will be found in a party. Armaan shares with Saumya that nobody in the business will enlist her as an essayist for the show yet the last option challenges him. Saumya then sings a melody around Armaan. Armaan and Prisha behaves like they are exhausted with Saumya’s presentation.

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