Imlie Written Update 24th September 2022:

Imlie Written Update 24th September 2022 on

Episode begins with Chini constraining Imlie to drink it yet Atharv catchs Imlie and the glass tumbles down. Chini thinks her arrangement slumped once more. Parul comes and calls her mom to join her in moving. Imlie expresses sorry to Atharv in Hindi and the last option gets befuddled. He asks her what is that young lady’s name?

Imlie tells her own name and Atharv requests Chini’s name. He leaves and she picks the wrecked glass parts. She says she was unable to say thanks to him appropriately and Sundar prods her truism she really wants a companion frantically whom she can converse with. Else for what reason is she conversing with herself.

Atharv converses with Chini and attempts to play with her. She asks him not to carry on like a legend. He says he helped her previously and can help her in future as well. He can satisfy every one of her desires. Chini says in the event that she can truly take his assistance? He says he will help her on one condition, she needs to tell her name. She shakes hand with him saying after her work she will do as such. She thinks at long last lady will take off tomorrow.

Following day Parul’s mom gets profound over Parul going out. Imlie makes sense of mother and little girl bond flawlessly. She says the significance of a mother to a little girl. Atharv’s mom commends Imlie’s reasoning and asks where is her mom, she should be pleased with her. Imlie says she lost her folks and she meets them just in dreams.

Devika apologizes to her for asking and lmlie tells her not to fly off the handle. Imlie goes to see Parul is prepared or not. Rudra is dazzled by Imlie’s demeanor the manner in which she regards her folks which is extremely unprecedented these days. Parul looks miserable and Chini says she will assist her with eloping. She calls Atharv inside and requests that he assist Parul with taking off.

Atharv asks yet Baraat has shown up as of now. Chini deceives him how Parul’s folks constrained her to wed the lucky man and secured her in room, they didn’t actually give her food. Her genuine romance is another person. Atharv says love can never be off-base. He consents to help them.

Imlie believes it’s great Parul didn’t pursue that criminal who sent her to police headquarters. She doesn’t track down Parul in her room and gets terrified. Arpita and Rupy discuss Imlie’s marriage and Narmada says she will be the most joyful when Imlie will at last take off from her home.

Arpita says she likewise lost her sibling and her bhabi, why Narmada can’t quit reviling a blameless young lady. Narmada says she will have sympathy for Imlie’s parents in law. She is a curse. Parul’s mom asks Imlie where is Parul. Imlie falters and Narmada additionally questions her. They check the room and Parul’s mom panics seeing Parul isn’t there. Chini and Atharv advise Parul to get inside the vehicle and leave. Chini figures Imlie can’t start things out constantly, she will make Imlie lose.

Imlie believes it’s finished by Chini without a doubt as she proposed Parul to run off with her sweetheart. However, she can’t uncover Chini’s name before all. Chini returns and uncovers Parul took off from her wedding. She chooses to illuminate everybody except Imlie says she doesn’t have to do that. Imlie commitments to track down Parul before the wedding.

Chini asks Imlie for what good reason she is attempting to be oversmart. Imlie gets out whatever Chini felt right she did yet presently she will do what she feels right. Chini shouldn’t meddle. Imlie fears that Parul’s sweetheart will demolish Parul’s life. Chini leaves out of frustration saying Imlie has no clue about what she is talking about.

Atharv comes to call her. Imlie searches his assistance to go out to look for Parul. Atharv doesn’t uncover he assisted Parul with eloping else he will get accused. Imlie additionally doesn’t let him know the explanation figuring he shouldn’t realize lady of the hour is absent. She says she needs to get a few stuffs for Parul. Atharv drives the vehicle and Imlie lets him know the headings. He plays music in vehicle and she advises him to turn right and there she sees somebody. She gets stunned.

Precap-Imlie persuades Parul not to commit any misstep as her sweetheart deceived her. Parul cries and asks her what will she do now. Imlie says stand by and watch. Rudra requests Imlie’s hand in marriage with Atharv. Atharv picks Chini for himself.

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