BhagyaLakshmi Written Update 24th September 2022:

BhagyaLakshmi Written Update 24th September 2022 on

Episode begins with Rishi pondering why Lakshmi didn’t come. He thinks Lakshmi resents me for assuming the fault yet I’m feeling alone and he hangs tight for Lakshmi. Lakshmi advises Ayush that she needs to meet Rishi. Ayush says you folks are deficient without one another and don’t have the foggiest idea when you all get it.

He says how about we go to prison. Shalu says she will go along with them as well. Ayush inquires as to why she is coming. Shalu says Rishi is her brother by marriage. Sonia asks Lakshmi for what valid reason does your sister come here over and over and she affronts Shalu calling her an unskilled. Virendra reprimands Sonia saying Lakshmi is little girl in law of this house and Shalu is her sister and that is the reason she needn’t bother with any authorization to come here.

He cautions her to never disregard anybody and requests that she head inside. Sonia leaves. Virendra apologizes to them. Lakshmi inquires as to why he reprimanded her. Virendra says Sonia didn’t act well. Lakshmi asks hows Neelam. Virendra says Neelam is irate and lets them know that he will go with them to imprison.

Lakshmi requests that he not take strain and demands him to remain at home for Neelam as she really wants him. Virendra says wish Neelam can comprehend where she is going wrong. He says he is going to Neelam and leaves. Shalu goes to hydrate. Sonia prevents Shalu from drinking water. She cautions Shalu to not go into their home. Shalu asks didn’t she grasp her Father’s words? Sonia says don’t utilize my Father’s decency.

Shalu says it’s great that you can see your Father’s decency as I suspected you can’t see anybody with the exception of Malishka. Sonia says Malishka has class like us dissimilar to you folks and you’re coming here to partake in the extravagances of our home. Shalu says we carried on with sumptuous life than you in our town yet we remembered our qualities and didn’t allow my folks to feel low like you.

Karishma cones there Bd cautions Shalu to quiet down. Shalu says it’s Sonia’s error. Karishma says it’s their error to cause them to go into their home. Shalu reproaches them and leaves. Ayush sees Shalu emerging from Kitchen out of resentment. He asks her what occurred. Shalu lets him know whatever occurred in the kitchen. Ayush asks what is the need to respond to them back. Balwinder ruins everything in his place.

He tells Guddu that Abhay is right about him. Guddu requests that he fail to remember Lakshmi and you can get more young ladies. Balwinder says I simply need Lakshmi as I frantically love her. Shalu disagrees with Ayush and they contend with one another. Lakshmi stops them and says Rishi may be hanging tight for her. Ayush says we should astound Rishi. Lakshmi asks what’s it. Ayush grins and says I will tell you later.

Guddu says he doesn’t realize that he adores Lakshmi to such an extent. Balwinder inquires as to whether he can find in his eyes. Guddu says he can. Balwinder says I will meet Pandit to know the solution for get Lakshmi. Guddu says I will make you meet Pandit tomorrow. Lakshmi, Ayush, and Shalu go to the police headquarters to meet Rishi.

Investigator says they can’t permit more guests as Malishka previously met him. Shalu demands him to permit Ayush and Lakshmi. Overseer permits them and lets them know they have just 10 m. They express gratitude toward him. Ayush reminds them about the shock and he goes to meet Rishi. Rishi holds Ayush’s collar and asks where is Lakshmi. Ayush says she has other work. Rishi feels disheartened and asks how might she make it happen. Shalu takes Lakshmi outside.

Lakshmi advises Shalu that remaining in jail is extreme. Shalu requests that she give fortitude to Rishi. She concurs. Ayush talks interestingly. Rishi requests that he leave and tells he can’t get harmony until he meets Lakshmi. Ayush says you met Malishka. Rishi says I remember that Malishka gave significance to me not to fill in as Lakshmi did.

Constable requests that Rishi come to the gathering room a woman is sitting tight for him. Rishi goes to the gathering room. Lakshmi shuts his eyes. Rishi understands it’s Lakshmi however he says Malishka’s name to prod her, which disturbs Lakshmi. She says she will send Malishka and is going to leave. Rishi stops her and pulls her towards him.

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