Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Written Episode Update 24th September 2022:

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho Written Episode Update 24th September 2022 on

Episode begins with Hariprasad gets stunned to see Vidhi got back to home with Arjun. Hariprasad gaze him in disarray. Vidhi requests that he take off his shoe thinking they have sanctuary in her home. Vidhi imparts to Hariprasad that he is working in his office. There is one significant forthcoming work to wrap up.

Dev sir requested that they work in home then, at that point, sitting in office. Hariprasad gestures to her. Bimla tells him that she will plan snacks for him. Arjun requests that she give food to him thinking he is eager. Arjun lauded Vidhi’s home. He got some information about the sanctuary.

He needs to give posture to him. He will transfer everything in virtual entertainment. Vidhi lets him know that they are here to go about their responsibilities. He can take this video later. Arjun tells her it means a lot to him.

Bimla asks Vidhi what’s the need to bring him home? Vidhi imparts to her that Dev sir sent him home to complete her work. Bimla grievances that she isn’t concentrating on in school to complete her home work. What will neighbor think about her when they see her with Arjun. She requests that her significant other deal with this. He gestures with her. She asks her where will they work? Vidhi specifies her that she will complete it in her room.

Hariprasad denied it and requests her to do it front room. Bimla stresses over Vidhi. She imparts to Bimla that Arjun is a decent individual nothing to stress. Doesn’t she trust her little girl? Arjun is a garrulous individual yet he conceals nothing in his heart. She requests that she cook something.

In the interim, Arjun gets some information about this sanctuary. Hariprasad shares about sanctuary to him. Vidhi imparts to him that Matha Rani needs rest in some cases. He guaranteed to work with her. Vidhi and Arjun are examining about adoration. Hariprasad continues to gaze them in dubious. Arjun proposed to her.

In the interim, Dev giving meeting to Media individuals. He makes sense of for them what occurred in Balghar. She asked him who is that woman with him? He tells her that she is working in his office. He completed the meeting with a blissful note. Afterward, Bimla requests that Vidhi prepare in night.

Hariprasad brings one union for her. She needs to arrive at home quickly. Vidhi gestures with her. Afterward, Arjun requests that Vidhi shut her eyes and register who accompanying her contemplations. She reminds her folks and Dev. She shares what’s at the forefront of her thoughts?

She adds that affection doesn’t have age. She wakes her up to observe Dev before her. She gets stunned to see him there. She asks him for what reason is Arjun seeming to be Dev? Dev takes her back to world. He requests that she focus on her work.

In the mean time, Arjun advises her that they believes should do one more meeting in her home. Lets finish this task as quickly as possible. Vidhi lets him know that it’s unthinkable in light of the fact that she got one partnership. Ananya saluted her for her marriage. Arjun advises her that he needs to watch it. Vidhi denies it thinking it’s very own thing. He tells her that many works are forthcoming.

She allows to him. Afterward, Vidhi requests that Dev allow half day to her. She reminds Amba’s words. She asks him what is fixation? Dev shared his perspective about it. Vidhi appreciated him and leaves. Later she came to home. She isn’t keen on that coalition. Arjun arrives at there. Hariprasad requests that he head inside.

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