Imlie 1st July 2022 Written Update:

Imlie 1st July 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Imlie saying she will show Jyoti’s video to everybody to demonstrate what sort of a companion she is. Imlie plays the video and gets stunned on finding Jyoti wishing blissful birthday to Aryan in the video. Jyoti says she is glad to get a dearest companion like Aryan who joined her and Harry and gave them haven to remain in his home.

She is likewise fortunate to have Imlie in her life. Jyoti reviews how she figured out that Kairi is Imlie when Aryan was picking the phony teeth. She says she can’t hurt Imlie right now else she will get found out by Imlie and Aryan. Jyoti eliminates the snare and she finds the camera and she erases the clasp which was recorded against her.

Jyoti leaves the room with everybody saying she knows Aryan much before Imlie. Imlie neglects to comprehend what she ought to do now. Whenever she assumes she is more astute than Jyoti, Jyoti bombs her arrangement. Presently how will she save Cheeku. She is truly stressed.

Aryan advises her to quit overreacting. Imlie vacillates and Aryan holds her. She yells at him saying he can’t see Jyoti’s reality regardless of her part of endeavors. At the point when Jyoti kept the video in the camera. Imlie says she is terrified at this point. Aryan says assuming she feels so he is visually impaired and can’t see reality then that is fine. He will take care of her in this manner as it were.

Imlie takes rest and gets Jyoti’s bring in Kairi’s telephone. Imlie changes her voice to converse with her. She says she is on her vacation so she can’t help Jyoti now. Jyoti says she will gift her bangle consequently. Kairi concurs figuring she may find success in uncovering Jyoti. Jyoti meets her in the house and the last option asks her what she can do. Nila advises Kairi to accomplish family work and Jyoti says Kairi ought to comply with Nila. Kairi cleans the house and Arpita asks her for what valid reason she is fooling around here as opposed to seeing as any confirmation.

Jyoti says Imlie has such a large number of allies and she will lessen her allies individually. Arpita goes to washroom and Jyoti locks her from outside. Sundar is occupied in cooking with Narmada and Jyoti says Kairi is there to accomplish the family work. Sundar figures now he ought to transform into Imlie so that noone questions her.

Sundar goes to the store space to change garments and Jyoti secures him there. She says now noone can’t save Imlie. Jyoti imparts her arrangement to Kairi that she recruited hijackers and presently Kairi will make Imlie prepared and will take her to the sanctuary. On their way Imlie will wind up dead by her volunteers. Jyoti grins figuring Kairi will fall into the snare now. Kairi then calls Aryan and informs him concerning Jyoti’s arrangement.

Aryan asks Imlie she accepts Jyoti intended to kill her today. Arpita and Sundar come to them and trust Imlie saying Jyoti locked them just and they ought to uncover her and assist Imlie with doing that. Aryan says they can’t fault somebody without complete affirmation. They didn’t see Jyoti securing them why they are accusing her. Arpita says in the event that Imlie is certain that Jyoti is the guilty party, they ought to trust her.

Aryan then, at that point, tells Imlie not to face challenge in this condition. Imlie says however she can’t lose the opportunity to demonstrate Jyoti’s reality as well. Aryan says he won’t ever permit her to go through any test which can be dangerous for her. She won’t meet Jyoti or her enlisted people yet her family will be there to get the individual who is going after his significant other. Arpita advises Imlie to take rest and Imlie reviews how she was approached to give test in Tripathi house to defend herself.

Precap-Goons hold Imlie at gunpoint and Rathods attempt to pummel them. Imlie additionally faces them with fortitude. Malini returns to get payback from Imlie saying she will satisfy her guarantee to her step sister.

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