Kundali Bhagya 1st July 2022 Written Update:

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Episode starts with Karan takes a gander at Preeta’s photographs. Anjali comes there and sees it. She inquires as to whether he adored Preeta. He reviews that how he admitted his sentiments to Preeta. He tells her that he used to adore Preeta yet not any longer. He expresses that there was issues in their relationship since starting. He adds that he adored her incredibly and he abhorred her very. She trusts that tomorrow he meets his adversaries in the bartering. He tells her that Prithvi and Sherlyn are his adversary as well. He says that Sherlyn even cautioned him about Rishabh and Preeta yet he have zero faith in her. He requests that she send the driver on time. She gestures at him and she leaves the room.

In the chawl, Prithvi goes into his home and requests that Sherlyn bring water. Sherlyn lets him know that she is his significant other not servant to do this. He drops the cash unintentionally. She sees that cash and she says that she really wants cash to purchase rice and make-up. He chides her and he says that he will purchase Karan’s cricket properties with this cash. She gets confounded hearing him. He educates her concerning the closeout. She asks him that how will he manage Karan’s cricket properties. He tells her that he will consume Karan’s cricket properties before Luthras.

She inquires as to whether he took this cash. In any case, he goes against and he deceives her that he endeavored to get this cash. She lets him know that police might get him. He goes out of frustration. He lets himself know that Sherlyn realizes that his objective is getting payback from Luthras still she battles with him. Prithvi’s companion tells Police auditor that he is certain that Prithvi took his cash. That’s what prithvi hears and stows away from them. He calls Sherlyn and requests that she take off from the house and bring tomorrow back.

Following day, Srishti suspects that Sameer has a young lady companion. Dadi says that Kavya feels like she is a star and taking selfies with everybody. Preeta gives prasad to everybody. Rishabh lets Rakhi know that such countless individuals coming today available to be purchased and he feels that it will become fruitful. Rakhi lets him know that she likewise need to partake. She says that she need to keep Karan’s cricket properties with her. She illuminates him that she even sold her gems. He tells her that Karan lives in her heart so she needn’t bother with Karan’s cricket properties. Preeta and Rishabh goes out.

Prithvi arrives at the closeout scene. Safety officer stops him. Prithvi shows his cash to him. Safety officer requests that he hang tight for few moments. He goes to Sameer and educates him concerning Prithvi. Sameer feels that some fan came and tells Security gatekeeper to allow that fan to enter the scene. Safety officer lets Prithvi know that the last option can enter the setting. Prithvi feels that he can see Preeta after numerous years. In the mean time, Preeta gets close to home seeing Karan’s cricket properties. She reviews the minutes she imparted to him. Rishabh comes there and stands close to her. She lets him know that Karan probably felt blissful seeing this in the event that he was alive. He tells her that Karan probably been cheerful seeing her grin.

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