Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st July 2022 Written Update:

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st July 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Riddhima lets Surya know that he actually appears to be tired so he ought to rest. Surya tells her that he is fine. She says that Gehna is his better half however she couldn’t care less about him. He asks her that what she is familiar with his and Gehna’s relationship to remark like this. She is sorry to him. She inquires as to whether he needs tea. Gehna brings tea for Surya and says that she is there to deal with Surya. Riddhima says that she simply needed to help. Gehna tells her that they don’t allow their visitors to take care of business.

Riddhima inquires as to whether he can drop her on the lookout. Gehna tells her that she is going that way just so she can drop her. Riddhima gestures at her and goes to take her handbag. Gehna attempts to converse with Surya. In any case, he hinders and says that to discuss them then they can do.

Also, if she need to discuss Urmila then he isn’t intrigued. She stays quiet. He says that he comprehended and leaves from that point. Gehna calls Agastya and lets him know that she will meet him in his home. That’s what riddhima hears and mumbles to herself that Gehna isn’t leaving Agastya as well.

Sarika lets Suhani know that she can’t confront more abuses. She asks her portion from Suhani so she can live with Arjun after his delivery. Suhani slaps Sarika. Sakuni requests that they not battle and they can deal with Gehna. In the mean time, Gehna advises Riddhima to get back to her home in light of the fact that nobody can in the middle of among her and Surya. Riddhima reprimands her that she won’t back. She challenges her.

Agastya converses with Gehna’s photograph. He says that she ought to remain with him to be aware of his adoration and Surya’s selling out. Gehna comes there and he conceals her photograph. He tells her that he will begin his lawful firm and he believes her should join as accomplice. He gets some information about his proposition. She gestures at him and she requests that he figure out that how Sikandar let out of prison.

Sikandar questions Shreya. She shouts at him. Agastya illuminates Gehna that Arjun assumed all the fault on himself and Suhani met Arjun before his admission. Sikandar tosses Shreya out of the house. Yet, Gehna and Surya upholds Shreya. Sikandar requests that Surya not meddle in his own issues. He says that he will not endure treachery. Gehna asks him that what Shreya did. Suhani requests that Sikandar tackle the issue in his room.

Sikandar says that he won’t allow Shreya to reside in his home. Surya says that this house has a place with everybody. Urmila says that Shreya can live in their side. Gehna concurs with her. Shreya goes to Gehna’s side. Afterward, Suhani reprimands Sikandar for not controlling his displeasure. She says that they can’t allow Surya to join Gehna’s side. Gehna consoles Shreya.

Precap – Sarika tells Suhani that Arjun going to bite the dust in light of the last option. Sikandar says that everything is lie. Sarika lets him know that he traped Arjun. He attempts to slap her however Gehna stops him.

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