Harphoul Mohini 14th November 2022 Written Update:

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Episode starts with Devi says that it’s a major house and she has many spots to stow away. She sees Harveer’s photograph. She gets some information about Harveer. Maai illuminates her about Harveer. Devi asks her that for what reason Harphoul don’t have mustache like Harveer.

She guarantees him to her that all will be well so he really want not to stress over anything. She lets Maai know that she like Harveer. Maai asks her that what the last option needs to eat. Devi tells her that she simply need milk. She requests that she give milk before Harphoul comes. Harphoul hears everything.

Maai sees him and requests that he bring milk for Devi. He reviews that how Devi drank 10 glasses of milk. He tells her that Devi drank 10 glasses of milk today morning in particular. She reprimands him saying that how could a little youngster drink 10 glasses of milk. She arranges him to bring milk from the kitchen.

Harphoul enters the kitchen. Mohini requests that he take warm milk. He says that Devi’s activities are like fallen angel. She inquires as to whether he figure she will allow anybody to hurt her loved ones. He tells her that he trust her yet he have little to no faith in Devi.

She lets him know that she trust Devi and Devi is her obligation. She gives milk glass to him. He gives milk glass to Devi. Devi drinks it. Santok brings Saraswati there. Saraswati goes to Devi. Devi plays with Saraswati. Maai says that first time Saraswati playing with another person than Harphoul. She ponders that why Harphoul looks strained.

Afterward, Shalini chides Devi for breaking the blender. Maai tells her that she will fix the blender and heads inside. Balwant calls Shalini and gets some information about Devi. Shalini lets him know everything. He requests that she watch out for Devi on the grounds that Mohini got back with Devi and separates the call. He imagines that police should be coming.

Devi requests that Shalini play find the stowaway with her. She says that Shalini can watch out for her in the event that she won. Shalini requests that she avoid her and leaves from that point. Mohini takes Devi to her room. She sees Muskaan plant. Devi makes bloom in the plant utilizing power. She says that she and her mom likes blossom. Mohini says thanks to her. Devi sees Harphoul’s decorations.

Mohini reviews the minutes she imparted to Harphoul. Devi tells her that cushion is so delicate. She asks her that for what good reason the last option isn’t grinning. She advises her to grin. Harphoul comes there. He tells Mohini that Devi can’t remain in his room. Mohini advises him that this is her room as well and Devi will remain there.

She says that she will leave the room in the event that Devi can’t remain then. He tells her that he can’t abandon her with Devi particularly around evening time. He leaves the room furiously. Shalini hears their discussion.

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