Harphoul Mohini 4th November 2022 Written Update:

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Episode starts with Balwant’s men pours petroleum on Mohini. They set fire on her. In any case, divine power safeguards her. Harphoul comes there. Residents prevents him from going to Mohini. Harphoul requests that they leave him. Mohini sees that fire didn’t contact her. She ponders that how she is protected. Residents and Harphoul additionally gets astounded seeing that. Mohini leaves the fire securely. Harphoul embraces her. Locals says that sorcery happened that is the reason Mohini is protected.

Balwant lets Locals know that something like this never occurred. He says that abhorrent soul entered their town. He says that he is thinking great for this town yet nobody figuring out him. He asks them that how could Mohini get 4 months pregnant in 4 days. He says that shrewd soul living in Mohini’s body. He says that they need to kill Mohini before she kills them. Everybody takes wooden stick and goes to Harphoul’s home. They thumps the entryway.

Maai sees everything through window. They requests that Harphoul send Mohini with them. They says that they can’t allow malicious soul to live in their town. Harphoul inquires as to whether they are distraught. Maai requests that he not go outside since they are prepared to kill. Shalini says that they ought to let Mohini go. She says that it’s regarding their life. Santok chides her.

Residents asks that how might one get 4 months pregnant in 4 days. Harphoul reproves them. Residents breaks the entryway and barges into the house. Santok tumbles down. Harphoul attempts to stop them. Town women holds Maai and Shalini. Mohini requests that they leave her loved ones. Ragini lets Mohini know that everybody will pass on in view of the last option. Locals takes steps to shoot Harphoul. Ragini requests that Mohini accompany them.

Mohini begins strolling towards the entryway. Harphoul and Santok requests that she not go. Mohini goes out. Residents prepares to beat her with stones. Maai and Shalini sees everything through window. Mohini gets terrified seeing Townspeople with stones. Harphoul emerges from the house. Yet, Townspeople gets him. Balwant says that today Mohini can’t escape. He tosses stone at Mohini. Residents additionally tosses stone at Mohini. Yet, divine power safeguards her once more. Residents gets whipped by stones. Everybody gets stunned seeing that.

Harphoul takes Mohini from that point in his bicycle. He tells her that she isn’t protected to live in Nakroli. He says that he will take her to Kerala. That’s what balwant sees. He requests that Balli start the vehicle. After some time, Harphoul arrives at the rail line station with Mohini. He sees Balwant’s men there. He stows away with Mohini. Balli orders his group to look through Mohini. He says that Mohini shouldn’t get away from today.

Precap – Mohini asks God that how might she bring forth watermelon. She lets God know that she isn’t figuring out that what’s going on with her. Watermelon receives broken and a young lady kid comes in return.

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