Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 14th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Rajesh crying telling Vimlesh that Happu went to jail trying to teach morales to kids. Vimlesh consoles her. Ranbir says tension is not good for health. Hrithik says papa wanted to change them, but himself went into jail. Rabir says their father is weird and his honesty proved him wrong. Rajesh scolds them and asks Vimlesh if Beni surely will bail out Happu.

Vimlesh says Beni is a wicked lawyer and will bail out Happu with false evidence. Kids taunt Rajesh that they had to use false evidence to bail out Happu and should use wrong means to succeed in life. Ranbir says honesty is like coriander leaves which dissolve in a curry and are unnecessary. Rajesh scolds them to stop giving her knowledge.

Happu in jail gets irritated by mosquito bites and requests CID inspector to get him a mosquito net. Inspector scolds him that its not his house to fulfill his wishes. Beni enters. Happu pleads him to bail him out from here. Beni promises him that his friend and cobrother will bail him out easily.

CID inspector asks if he is here to laze around, he will not release Happu at any cost. Beni says he has brought solid eidence. Manohar enters and says he and Happu were at Jamnabai’s kotha whole night performing undercover operation. CID inspector says they are lying as he was present at kotha whole night playing sarangi instrument in his father’s absence. Manohar gets tensed and says he doesn’t remember where he was last night. CID inspector threatens to arrest them. Beni runs away, and CID inspector thrashes Manohar with a cane and puts him in jail with Happu.

Vimlesh boasts that since she married Beni, his luck has changed and he will bail out Happu for sure. Beni calls her and informs that CID inspector caught his lies and searching him to arrest him in creating false evidence. Vimlesh cries that her fate is ill that Beni is hiding from police. Rajesh asks her not to worry as she will take food for Happu and try to bail him out. Kids say she will also be stuck. Vimlesh warns them to shut their mouth.

Back in police station, Manohar blames Happu for getting arrested because of him. CID inspector continues calling Happu as Happiya. Happu gets irritated and says his name is Happu Singh. Manohar says Happu is a honest officer who takes bribe. CID inspector says he will file even bribery case against Happu. Rajesh with kids walks in holding tiffin for Happu and requests CID inspector to let her feed Happu.

He denies and says Happu’s false evience is in jail with him and his lawyer ran away. Happu says Beni is a family man and got afraid of him. CID inspector scolds him again. Kids say Happu’s honesty put him in jail, so he should use wrong means and become rich. Happu says he will never leave his honesty. Rajesh asks Vimlesh again if she can give tiffin to Happu. CID inspector denies sarcastically. Kids leave with Rajesh praying to give him some bad conscience.

Commissioner disguised as a murderer meets Kat and says he will frighten Kamlesh again and make him accept that he is a coward. Kat informs him that Happu is in jail and explains whole story. He assures her that once he teaches Kamlesh a lesson, he will bail out Happu. He meets Kamlesh and threatens to kill him as he is sole murder evidence. Kamlesh pleads to spare him and calls his neighbor.

His neighbor hits Commissioner from behind, and Commissioner falls unconscious. Kamlesh says he is a murderer. Neighbor slaps him and says let us take goon to police station. At police station, Happy asks CID inspector to call commissioner and find out how honest he is. CID inspector calls commissioner and finds his number switched off. Back at home, Amma tells Vimlesh that Rajesh had gone to police station, but CID inspector didn’t agree to free Happu. Vimlesh says she need not worry as she will pray Brahmacharini Mata. They all 3 promote Brahmacharini mata’s pooja.

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