Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 14th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Gunu ji saying if Khanderao is making a khichdi, then I will serve it. Gautama takes Ahilya to Malhar. She says I just got to know what happened in the darbar, how can you do this, you have asked Khanderao to leave from the darbar.

Malhar says you know why I have done that. She says I know your discipline and rules, you don’t understand or you don’t want to understand, your rules are making you away from your son. He says if he isn’t able to understand my perception, then its his mistake, not mine, I have to do my work as a responsible ruler. She says then do your work, think once about the Rajya and son,

Rajya isn’t running anywhere, your son is getting away, you have a responsibility towards him also, I m fed up explaining you, you both end the differences, then teach him the lessons of disciplines, explain him with love. He says he isn’t a kid. She argues. He says Khanderao has to understand the responsibility of a prince. He asks Ahilya do you think I did wrong, I have taught you about Rajyapaath, what is your opinion.

Gautama says don’t dare to support him always, you are Khanderao’s wife first, your husband got insulted in the darbar. Ahilya says we know that the problems have increased now, Khanderao is upset, even Malhar isn’t wrong, we should think calmly and find a solution. Malhar says just you can do this miracle, you can explain him, its not the time to get angry and waste his energy, he is a prince, its a tense matter of the fort, if Khanderao takes interest in this matter, then he can solve it, explain him that I need him a lot. She says yes, I will try my best.

Gunu ji comes and gives a news to Malhar. He says its my duty to alert you. Gautama says you are suspecting my son, you know he is the heir of Malwa. Gunu ji says yes, I love him, the truth is, he is stubborn, he is still kiddish, I got to know about his secret meeting and came to tell you, I m afraid that he can make such a mistake that puts Malwa and you into trouble, stop him. Malhar says he can never do anything that goes against his land, I will talk to him in the morning, thanks for the news. Gunu ji leaves.

Gautama says you are seeing what’s happening, if Khanderao gets away from Malhar, someone else will win Malhar’s trust, it won’t be good for Khanderao’s fate, find some way, do something, explain him. She cries. Ahilya waits for Khanderao. He doesn’t come. He is drunk. He is with Parikshit.

He says I m Malwa’s prince, Khanderao Holkar. He sends away Parikshit. Rakma asks Dwarka to have the kada, it will relieve her. Khanderao goes to his room. Dwarka and Rakma are around. Rakma drops Dwarka to her room and goes. She sees the vase fallen. Servant picks it. Ahilya falls asleep. Khanderao comes. She wakes up and runs to open the door. She gets him inside the room. She shuts the door.

He smiles and says I told you, you can’t stay away from me. She cries. He talks to her in drunken state. He says you are very beautiful. He holds her hand and asks did you get upset, or get convinced, its tough to stay without you, you are my life.

 Precap :

Malhar praises Gunu ji. He sees Khanderao sleeping drunk. He thinks I should re-think of my decision to select the heir.

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