Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 13th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts Ranbir, Hrithik, and Chamchi noticing Beni’s client stealing from Beni’s house and running away. They alert everyone. Beni walks out and asks what happened. They say his client stole something from his house. Vimlesh walks to them crying and informs that thief took away her diamond necklace and electronic items.

Amma walks to them and says her gold chain and bangles are missing. Rajesh says thief stole everything. Happu joins them and scolds Beni for supporting a thief. Children impressed by thief’s act say he taught them that he gained a lot with his intelligence and hard work and they should also start stealing.

Commissioner disguised as a goon catches Kamlesh again. Kamlesh gets tensed seeing him. Commissioner says he will murder him as she saw him murdering a man. Kamlesh says he will not inform anyone and pleads to spare him. Commissioner threatens not to or else he will stab him, slaps him repeatedly and walks away. Kamlesh reaches Kat’s room via window as usual and starts his jokergiri.

She asks what happened. He informs her that he saw a man murdering another man. She suggests him to file a police complaint. He says he will go home and decide and runs away. Malaika enters and Kamlesh is afraid of telling truth. Kat says Kamlesh will. Malaika says Kamlesh looks like a fraud and untrustable.

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Next morning, Happu gets overwhelmed seeing kids studying. Kids say they have to study to escape mummy’s punishment. A CID inspector walks to them and asks who is Happu Singh. Kids point at him. Inspector says he came to arrest Happu for stealing and shows them video of Happu changing his clothes after stealing from Beni’s house. Kids asks why did he steal from his best friend’s house. Inspector threatens to arrest Happu. Amma joins them and he shows her video.

Amma says Happu was acting to teach Happu a lesson. Happu backs her and says kids were going on a wrong path, so he planned this drama to teach the a lesson. Kids say this is the price of honesty. Inspector doesn’t listen to Happu’s plea and arrests him. Kids say they will suffer if they are honest, so they will walk on a wrong path.

Beni with Vimlesh returns from temple. Rajesh informs them about CID inspector arresting Happu and rest of story. Beni says she should have explained inspector. She says they all did, but he didn’t listen. He says its difficult to fight with CIDs. Vimlesh says Beni is a wicked lawyer and will do something. Beni assures Rajesh to plan something and bail out Happu. He then meets Manohar and explains him whole story.

Manohar gets happy hearing that. Beni asks him to give false evidence that he and Happu were performing undercover operation at Jamnabai’s kotha. Manohar says he can sacrifice anything for Happu. At home, Rajesh cries worried for Happu. Vimlesh and Amma console her. Dadaji scolds Amma for Happu’s mistake. Amma blames him for giving her a wrong idea. Their drama continues.

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