Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 11th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Happu returning home with family after watching Ramleela drama. He tells them that they shouldn’t complain that he didn’t take them out anytime. Amma says she wants Happu to be a loyal son like Ram, but he follows only wife’s advice.

Children taunt its better to bear taunts than bearing belan/roller hits. Happu scolds them and asks which character they idolize. Ranbir says he idolizes Kumbukarna who is undisturbed even after so much sound and disturbance and sleeps peacefully. Chamchi says she idolizes Shoorpanakha as she is a gossiper like her. Rajesh asks Hrithik if he idolizes Ravan.

Hrithik says she is right, he idolizes rich and powerfull Ravan. Amma says Ravan kidnapped someone else’s wife. Hrithik says he showed he can rule and buy anything with money and power.

At night, Rajesh gets concerned seeing children’s wrong thinking. Happu walks to her and gets romantic. She expresses her concern. He says he doesn’t want to think about things which are not under his control and gets romantic with her again.

Amma holding her liquor bottle searches Dadaji. Dadaji emerges and says he is upset hearing children’s wrong thinking and fought with yamraj insisting to call her also up as she failed to give upbringing to their young generation. she says what can she do if children’s thinking has changed. He says soon nobody will garland their photos if this wrong upbringing continues. She gets concerned. He insists her to stop drinking and discuss this issue with Happu. Amma knocks Happu’s room while he is busy romancing Rajesh.

Rajesh asks Happu to open door. Happu opens door asking who disturbed his sleep. Amma slaps him and says there is a storm at home and he wants to sleep. Rajesh asks what happened. Amma says she is concerned about children’s wrong thinking. Rajesh says even she is tensed. Happu asks not to worry as kids will change when they grow up. Amma slaps him again and says even his father is worried about children’s future and asks them both to thinking something.

Kamlesh enters Kat’s room via window as usual. Kat asks why is he late today. He says he found a wallet full of money and gave it to police. She praises that she is proud of him as he doesn’t seem to be greed. He gets happy hearing that and says he will go home now as his father is waiting for him. Malaika enters next and says she enjoyed Kamlesh’s lies. Kat says Kamlesh doesn’t lie. Malaika challenges her that she will prove Kamlesh is greedy.

Rajesh expresses her concern regarding children’s upbringing with Vimlesh. Vimlesh says she need not worry as her children are very intelligent and can sell Delhi’s qutub minar from Kanpur. Rajesh says they find positivity in everything. Beni walks to them and asks what are ladies gossiping about. Happu joins and discussing his concern taunts Beni. Beni says he got an idea.

Happu disagrees and asks what if his plan fails. Vimlesh says she will loosen his horses. Happu taunts Beni next and walks in with Rajesh. Kat visits police station. Manohar asks her reason for coming. Commissioner joins. Kat says Kamlesh told he has become honest. Commissioner that is a good news. She says she wants to test Kamlesh’s honesty. Commissioner gives her an idea.

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