Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 19th November 2022 Written Update:

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 19th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ashwini choosing to purchase a gold chain for Sai. She mulls over everything except doesn’t impart her considerations to anybody. She gets dubious that whether she will actually want to give the chain to Sai or not, as well as regardless of whether the last option will acknowledge her gift.

She actually purchases the chain, while Sonali goes up against her asking that for whom she is taking it? The last option concocts a few rationalization and answers that she is simply keeping it with herself. Sonali declares that Ashwini has proactively brought a gold chain for Savi, and ridicules that she is taking it for Sai. Everybody takes a gander at Ashwini while Sonali sneers interpreting Ashwini’s goals.

Ashwini handles what is going on and lies that she isn’t getting it for anybody and is simply saving it for spare. In the interim, Pakhi feels hurt hearing their discussion and afterward goes towards Ashwini requesting that she taste the sweet dish made by her. Ninad request that she come towards him expressing that he will make it happen yet Ashwini stops him declaring that Pakhi requested that she make it happen.

Ashwini takes the sweet dish and tastes it. She says that it isn’t sweet and Pakhi needs to add more sugar, while Sonali passes a remark that the last option has no pleasantness left in her life that she will make the dish sweet. Ashwini answers back to Sonali, while Pakhi looks lost and says that her life has become convoluted.

Chavans feels awful for Pakhi while Sonali goes up against Karishma and ask that for what valid reason would rather not give successor to the family. The last option gets enraged and ask Sonali to inquiry the equivalent from Mohit. She broadcasts that her child will offer the well-suited response for her way of behaving. She disappears from that point while Sonali gets befuddled and chooses to view as about the matter.

Savi comes to the Chavans house alongside Savi while Ashwini and Ninad gets thrilled. The last option puts off stink eyes from her and gestures of recognition the last option for her clothing. Everybody accumulates to invite her while Virat begins acquainting her with the relatives. She gets glad to meet them and structures another bond. Though, Sai gets happy for her girl.

Ahead, Virat acquaints Pakhi as senior mother with Savi yet the last option denies to call her that, she announces that she have just a single mother and that is Sai. She calls Pakhi as aunt while the last option reviews her unrest. That’s what she questions assuming Pakhi is good with the name, to which she answers decidedly. Ashwini sets the dress and kept the red water on the entry. She request that Savi come inside the house dunking her legs into the water and leaving her strides on the dress.

Savi plays out the custom accurately yet at the last step she was going to fall, around then Sai runs towards her and erroneously strolls on the red water and leaves her strides on the dress. Everybody gets stunned seeing it while Savi becomes blissful and says that the two of them have done likewise custom. Sai says that it was a mix-up while Pakhi consents to her and starts cleaning the imprints. Everybody feels awful for Pakhi’s state.

Further, Chavans plays out a custom with Savi and causes her to sit on the gauging scale and afterward begins weighting her with desserts, expressing that they will disseminate every one of the desserts to the destitute individuals.

Vijaya inquire as to whether they have done likewise custom with him to which Virat causes him to comprehend that they were so glad to get him that they overlooked the ceremonies and guarantees that they will do it later on. He redirects Vinayak’s psyche while Bhavani trims Savi’s hair in name of some custom. She was going to go when Sai stops her while everybody gets paralyzed.

Precap:- Virat gives a paper to Savi while she get some information about it. He makes her open it while Sai understands it and views it as the affirmation type of Savi’s new school. Virat tells that Savi will likewise go to a similar school as Vinayak as it’s awesome. Sai defies him and chastens that he have taken a choice without her assent

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