BhagyaLakshmi 19th November 2022 Written Update:

BhagyaLakshmi 19th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ayush expressing thanks to Lakshmi as she stayed true to her promise and didn’t let anybody know what occurred. Lakshmi says she didn’t stay faithful to her promise totally and says she told Shalu and apologizes as she broke her statement.

Ayush says there is no requirement for her to say sorry. Lakshmi requests that Ayush guarantee that he won’t rehash this sort of misstep. Ayush commitments and says he won’t ever do that. Dadi additionally commends Ayush and says he made the best decision by saving Lakshmi. Ayush chides himself. Dadi says just she has the right. Dadi requests that Ayush get spruce up. Ayush leaves from that point.

Ayush sees Rishi’s photograph and apologizes to him and says he won’t ever do that sort of misstep from now onward. Ayush says he will act mature from here on out. Ayush snaps Rishi’s picture casing and embraces it. Once more, ayush apologizes.

Dadi chats with Pandit Ji on the telephone. Neelam asks Mukesh for some water. Shalu comes into the house. Neelam sees Shalu. Dadi says she called Shalu. Dadi welcomes Shalu and welcomes her. Shalu says she doesn’t need the two of them to contend in light of her. Dadi apologizes to Shalu for the benefit of Neelam. Shalu says there is compelling reason need. Shalu goes to meet Lakshmi.

Kiran cautions Karishma that his child is going crazy and requests that she deal with it. Kiran sees Balwinder and requests that he leave. Balwinder inquires as to whether Lakshmi went to prison? Kiran says Lakshmi didn’t go to prison. Balwinder says Malishka seized herself to approach Lakshmi. Balwinder asks Kiran how Lakshmi didn’t go to prison. Kiran says Ayush saved her. Kiran inquires as to whether she knows where could Malishka be? Balwinder says he is with her. Kiran requests that Balwinder take her to Malishka. Balwinder requests that Kiran bring cash. Kiran concurs.

Shalu welcomes Lakshmi. Lakshmi apologizes to Shalu. Shalu says there is compelling reason need and says she will conflict with the entire world for her. Lakshmi tells Shalu that Ayush saved her and expresses out loud whatever he said to save her. Shalu asks Lakshmi saying he could likewise cross paths with what he said. Lakshmi says that is the reason she helped Ayush and says Ayush generally helps her and says he battles for her constantly. Lakshmi requests that Shalu take nourishment for Ayush. Shalu sees Ayush and embraces him. Shalu says she embraced him to say thanks to him and says he truly held up the companionship. Ayush inquires as to whether this is kinship embrace. Ayush says she is doing great. Shalu and Ayush do a promotion on a garments brand.

Ayush tells Shalu that he didn’t save Lakshmi and says Lakshmi saved him. Ayush acclaims Lakshmi. Karishma calls for Ayush. Ayush goes first floor.

Balwinder tells Kiran to bring cash. Kiran slaps Balwinder as he calls Kiran Mummy ji. Kiran asks Balwinder not to call her Mummy ji. Balwinder concurs. Kiran shows the pack and says there is cash in it. Kiran and Balwinder go to meet Malishka.

Karishma inquires as to whether he is okay? Ayush says OK and says he didn’t get injured. Karishma asks Ayush what is she from his perspective? Ayush says she is his mother. Karishma asks Ayush for what good reason didn’t he tell anybody in the house that he got into a mishap and told Lakshmi.

Karishma asks Ayush for what valid reason did he save Lakshmi and inquires as to whether he understood what wrongdoing Lakshmi did? Ayush says Lakshmi couldn’t do that and says regardless of whether she he would uphold her. Karishma inquires as to whether he will conflict with her for Lakshmi. Ayush says OK. Karishma hearing this leaves.

Virendra sees Kiran understanding Balwinder and thinks the ruffians called Kiran here. Virendra stresses over Kiran and follows her. Kiran tells Balwinder such Malishka’s reality will be finished assuming Oberoi’s figure out that Malishka arranged her own seizing. Balwinder guarantees Kiran that not at all like that will occur and requests that she come. Virendra follows Kiran.

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