Banni Chow Home Delivery 19th November 2022 Written Update:

Banni Chow Home Delivery 19th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kabir sent Vermilion and requests that Agastya apply to Banni’s mang. Everybody gets stunned. Alapana tells Myra that Kabir is brilliant. Kabir says I get to realize that you all are faking your wedding to help Yuvan however your arrangement got ruined as somebody informed me and your fantasies got ruined. Banni gets into tears.

Kabir expresses sorry for ruining your minutes. He plays dhol and reviews how he received a message from somebody that Banni is faking her union with save Yuvan. Kabir figures now Yuvan won’t emerge as there is no envy. Tulika ponders how he tracked down it. Kabir requests that they end Banni’s Haldi as the need might arise to begin the Haldi capability of Tulika as we are getting hitched tomorrow. Everybody gets stunned.

Banni lets Agastya know that she doesn’t have the foggiest idea how Kabir tracks down their arrangement and who’s helping Kabir. Agastya says Kabir may powerfully wed Tulika and both of their lives are in question. Tulika feels remorseful and chooses to tell everything to Banni. She chooses to message Banni.

Kabir takes the telephone from Tulika and goes up against why she is informing Banni. Tulika says she can’t see Banni in torment. Kabir says you might lose me assuming you illuminate reality to Banni, I know you’re blameworthy so kill me. He takes out a blade. Tulika embraces him in tears and lets him know that she can’t lose him. Agastya accepts Kabir’s message. Banni sees it. She sees that Kabir is calling them down the stairs to observe his shock. Banni leaves. Agastya figures happy I didn’t pay attention to Rohan. He wants to never break Banni’s trust.

Viraj goes up against Go about the message. Go says he didn’t see it. Viraj checks his telephone and notification there is no message or call to Kabir. He ponders who might illuminate Kabir. Kabir places Yuvan’s photograph in the lobby. Banni inquires as to why he is putting the photograph in the corridor.

Kabir says tomorrow I will get hitched to Tulika then Banni will put Chandan mala to her dead spouse’s Yuvan photograph. He says I realize you can’t make it happen so I will show the demo, he attempts to put wreath around Yuvan’s photograph yet Banni stops him and lets him know that Kabir will evaporate not Yuvan. She says her expectation won’t bite the dust and I realize somebody is assisting you and I with willing arrive at reality very soon and will end you finishing Yuvan’s injury. Kabir leaves.

Banni calls Viraj. She requests that Viraj show her CCTV film before Haldi. Viraj plays the recording. They notice Kabir is cheerful subsequent to perusing the message. Banni says they need to get Kabir’s telephone. Charmi says they can take Tulika’s assistance. Banni expresses Tulika’s at the emergency clinic and my food will help me. Banni plans food. Myra and Charmi ask what’s her arrangement. Banni lets them know she will add resting tablets to Kabir’s food. Myra says the arrangement is great yet will he eat your hand tailored food? Banni looks on.

Precap – Banni goes up against Kabir and asks him won’t he adores his Banni. She kisses him. Yuvan comes out overcoming Kabir. Banni feels cheerful.

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