Banni Chow Home Delivery 18th November 2022 Written Update:

Banni Chow Home Delivery 18th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Tulika feeling regretful for misleading Banni however she didn’t illuminate Banni about the insider facts Kabir uncovered to her. Banni sees Tulika is tense. She requests that Tulika not stress and tells her that Shiv Ji will show them the way. Later Banni prepares for Haldi and she goes to Tulika’s room. She requests that Tulika not stress and I won’t allow Kabir to apply haldi to her.

She says she wishes Yuvan to come out today itself and she tells Tulika that Yuvan will apply Haldi to her. Tulika advises Banni that she needs to tell her something. Myra calls Banni. Banni leaves without paying attention to Tulika. Kabir goes to Tulika’s room with Haldi.

Tulika says he can’t bring it. Kabir says he refreshed the custom. She attempts to say something. He stops her and makes her wear the gems. She feels blissful. He says he will apply Haldi to her. Tulika reviews Banni’s expectation and leaves from that point. Kabir follows her to apply Haldi.

Banni sees them and she longs for Yuvan hitting the dance floor with her and applying haldi to her. She emerges from her fantasy and goes to Tulika who’s at legitimate fault for misdirecting Banni. Kabir from the back expects Tulika is there and applies haldi to Banni. He gets stunned seeing her.

Banni feels blissful. Banni requests that Kabir not come to her Haldi as being Agastya one is going. Kabir says he will come as he is glad that she is leaving his life. Banni moves him to apply Haldi to her first assuming he is that much blissful.

Rohan reprimands Agastya for playing with wedding ceremonies for Banni. He requests that he let Kabir know that this wedding is phony then Yuvan won’t emerge and Banni will be yours. Agastya says he can’t make it happen. Rohan says he will message Kabir and is going to make it happen. Agastya stops him. Rohan requests that he utilize the open door life is giving him. Agastya takes his telephone and requests that he leave.

Viraj asks Go to not make any show. Go thinks he needs to end the show and he sees his telephone. Agastya comes to Rathore house. Banni sees Kabir and talks intimately with Agastya. Yuvan attempts to emerge yet Kabir stops him and he completes the test by applying Haldi to Banni. Kabir compliments Agastya. Banni feels miserable. Kabir inquires as to why she looks miserable?

He says you might anticipate Yuvan yet don’t concern it’s Agastya’s name Haldi and Kabir applied it to you. Kabir requests that everybody partake in Banni’s Haldi. Kabir plays dhol. He requests that Tulika apply haldi to Banni. Tulika applies haldi to Banni. Kabir lets Banni and Agastya know that he will make their occasion more essential, he says Today is haldi, they will be hitched so I believe that Agastya should finish the custom of applying vermilion today. Everybody gets strained.

Recap – Kabir advances Vermilion and requests that Agastya apply to Banni’s mang. He says tomorrow I will get hitched to Tulika then Banni will put Chandan mala to her dead spouse’s Yuvan photograph.

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