Pandya Store 18th November 2022 Written Update:

Pandya Store 18th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Shweta saying that Dhara got her hitched to Krish notwithstanding knowing her reality and concealed reality from the entire family for the commitment she gave her. Suman, Gautam and Krish request that Dhara say assuming Shweta is saying reality. Dhara concedes that she knows Shweta’s reality before her and Krish’s wedding.

She says that Shweta merited another opportunity since she cherished an off-base individual. She needed to emerge from Deven’s snare, so she helped her. She says that she doesn’t believe that she did anything wrong. Suman requests that Dhara shut up.

She chastens Dhara for driving Krish into a relationship which doesn’t have a future in spite of knowing it. She says that she demonstrated that she will do her thought process is correct. She says that she constrained Shiva to wed Raavi and she got Krish hitched to Shweta in spite of knowing her reality.

She blames Dhara for destroying her children’s life. Shweta requests that Suman quiet down. Suman yells at Shweta for destroying Krish’s life to work on her life. She cautions Shweta not to show her face to her. Suman tells Dhara to see the essences of her children who aimlessly trusts her. She asks Dhara for what good reason she made it happen. Shiva requests that Suman let it go. He says that Dhara will just do what she needs, what she sees.

He says that Dhara did nothing notwithstanding seeing Raavi and Arnab developing nearer. He denounces Dhara helping Raavi and Arnab’s attaching to develop and when their relationship crossed its cutoff. Raavi yells requesting that Shiva stop.

Raavi says that she’s fed up with coming clean. She will express out loud whatever Shiva needs to hear now. Raavi lies that she was pregnant and cut short it. Her and Arnab’s relationship is in excess of a fellowship and asks Shiva what his concern with this. Dhara goes to Raavi and says her not to lie. She requests that Rishita make Raavi comprehend, she will demolish everything.

Dhara shares with Gautam, Suman and Shiva not to accept Raavi’s words as she’s working refuse bitterly. Dhara rehashes Raavi will destroy everything as a result of her displeasure. Raavi says that nothing left to be demolished. She says that nobody is intrigued to know reality.

She says that she satisfies Shiva’s desire assuming she admits her wrongdoings. Raavi shares with Shiva to recollect that she can demonstrate her reality now itself by going to the medical clinic. Suman requests that Raavi go the emergency clinic and proove her blamelessness. She requests that Gautam bring the specialist. Shweta becomes restless to hear this.

Dhara expresses that there are two specialists in that emergency clinic, a lesser and a senior. She says that she didn’t ask their names, however she can distinguish them. Shweta asks what is the need to go to the medical clinic and requests that Dhara actually look at the report to track down the specialist’s name.

Dhara says that the lesser specialist gave wrong report that Raavi is pregnant, however the senior specialist said that Raavi had fibroid subsequent to really taking a look at her. She says that the senior specialist gave the right data and she doesn’t realize which specialist’s name is composed on the report.

Suman requests that Raavi telephone to the emergency clinic and request to clear the matter. Raavi won’t call as she probably is aware her reality and it’s enough for her. She asks Shiva who needs to know reality to call to the medical clinic and ask the specialist. Raavi goes to her room. Dhara pursues her. Shweta considers calling her folks and let them know what’s going on in the house. She goes aside concocting a rationalization.

Raavi shuts her room entryway. She cries, recollecting Shiva’s charges on her. She begins to gather her pack. Dhara shows up there and requests that Raavi open the entryway. She checks through the window and sees Raavi gathering her sack. Then again, Shweta telephones her mother and lies that Raavi was in undertaking with somebody and became pregnant.

Dhara assisted her with early termination, so Suman requested that they take off from the house. She says that she’s stressed over Chiku. She says that Dhara can abuse Chiku’s asset and requests that her mother follow through with something. Here, Dhara requests that Raavi open the entryway. As Raavi doesn’t open the entryway, Dhara goes to Shiva and requests that he prevent Raavi from going out. Shiva moves away and cautions Dhara showing his finger to avoid him. Dhara then, at that point, requests that Suman stop Raavi.

Suman requests that Dhara take off from the house alongside Raavi as she felt for Raavi. Gautam, Krish and Rishita attempt to persuade Suman, yet to no end. Krish chooses to go to the medical clinic to track down reality. Rishita says that she will go as it’s women matter. Rishita leaves. Suman requests that Dhara take off from the house. She asks Dhara not to stand by Rishita’s return as Shiva saw Raavi holding a more peculiar’s hand and Raavi let it be known so the matter is finished.

Suman requests that Dhara leave as she continues to advise her that she destroyed her two children’s life. Gautam is going to pursue Dhara. Suman insults Gautam that he thinks often more about his significant other than his siblings. Krish requests that Shiva stop Dhara and Raavi. Shiva cries, putting his head on Suman’s lap. Suman consoles him that the individuals who violated him will get rebuffed. Shweta sees this and grins.

In the emergency clinic, Rishita asks a medical caretaker whose sign is on Raavi’s report. The medical caretaker sees Raavi’s name and says that the specialist Nothing really look at her. Rishita goes to specialist Nithin and finds out if Raavi had fibroid or hatchling expulsion activity.

Precap: Raavi and Dhara take off from the house. Rishita camouflage as a ward kid to track down reality with regards to Raavi’s report. She actually takes a look at the medical clinic’s CCTV film and is stunned to see Shweta in the recording.

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