Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 9th November 2021 Written Update:

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 9th November 2021 episode the police raided the protested, people were asked to return otherwise they would be captured. The men refused. Police started arresting; all the men escaped instead of Rama.

Guruji was aware that all the prisoners were kept in one place. Ramji questioned how Rama would inform them. Guruji had already planned it out for Rama.

Mangesh and Anand were searching for Rama; they met Ramji and Puranjan. Ramji asked Anand to return home. Ramji and Puranjan continued to search for Rama.

A police officer poisoned Bhim Rao’s meal as per orders. The police gave Bhim Rao the plate. He was about to take a bite when another person was brought in; it was Rama. The British officer asked the policeman if the work was done.

He then asked Bhim Rao to finish his meal. Rama predicted that the food might be poisoned. Rama ran towards him; she threw the plate away. Rama was hovered aside. The policemen left to bring another serving.

Bhim Rao said that he would give his next meal to the new person; he didn’t recognize Ram. She leaned forward and told him that it was his wife. Bhim Rao was astound, took the face mask off an than put it back on. He questioned why how he came here. Rama said that Guruji sent her here to save him. She asked him not to eat the food. The man beside Bhim Rao inquired. Bhim Rao told him that it was his old friend Ramu. Police officer brought him food asked him to eat. Bhim Rao agreed to eat in a while.

Meera questioned if Anand found Rama, she was worried about her. Lakhsmi replied that Anand just came back, it wasn’t his fault that she ran away. Jijabai agreed with Lakshmi, said that Rama was irresponsible and careless.

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Anand burst out of frustration and replied that Rama might not be responsible, but she cared enough to find a way to free Bhim Rao. He questioned if Lakshmi would do the same. Hence Lakshmi must do what she does best; go to sleep, put the children to sleep as well. He asked Meera to pray that everything goes ass planed. Hitesh heard the discussion, he decided not to let Rama free Bhim Rao.

Guruji, Ramji and Puranjan reached the protest site, they traced a way to reach Rama.

Rama said according to the plan Guruji will find them. Bhim Rao said that she shouldn’t have come here. Rama was glad as she got a new name: Ramu. She asked what to do with the meal.

The policemen came in, Bhim Rao was screaming in pain asking for a doctor. The Policeman refused to call a doctor, left.

Hitesh informed Joshi about Rama’s plan. Joshi got excited. He gave Hitesh some money and planned to tell British officer about Rama. British officer would deal with her himself.

Rama left pearls on the road for Ramji and others to follow.

Joshi was heading to the police officer; Anand stopped him. Mangesh grabbed Joshi, they tied him to a tree.

Ramji, Guruji and Puranjan found the hideout. The saw the British officer. Puranjan wanted to fight them. Guruji hand another plan. He went to the British officer, said that he was sent by Joshi. He took the officer aside and talked to him whilst Ramji and Puranjan went inside.

Bhim Rao was sleeping, the policeman came to inquire. He shook Bhim Rao to confirm his death, Ramji came from behind and attacked the police officer. Ramji hugged Bhim Roa and Rama, another police officer came. Puranjan fought him. He said that they must leave before someone else comes. Bhim Rao refused, he was against running away like a coward.

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