Ghar Ek Mandir 9th November 2021 Written Update:

Ghar Ek Mandir 9th November 2021 Genda says to Anuradha you don’t have to thank me, even you would do the same, Anuradha says no I won’t and I feel so bad about it, but from today I will be there whenever you need me and its my promise, Maharaji smiles. Genda hugs Anuradha, Maharaji thinks today they have united and fight all the odds and hurdles, but now the real test of their bond.

Kundan gets call from manager and he says your family members have withdrawn money, Kundan says not possible, its definitely fraud, please recheck. Kundan’s phone battery starts dying. Anuradha keeps trying to call Kundan and Varun but couldn’t reach. Anuradha says its switched off.

Genda says even Manish and Nisha arent here, Anuradha says they always take time and today Varun’s Dad will be very happy knowing what I did, Genda says are you sure, Anuradha asks why do you say so, we are couple so he won’t feel bad don’t worry, Genda asks have you ever used this big amount,

Anuradha says never required but why you asking, Genda says I just feel Papaji will feel bad, Anuradha says don’t worry, you don’t know him well so these questions but I know him so don’t worry, Genda says you are right, you two know eachother well, I believe you and your trust, Anuradha says we have seen so many ups and downs with him, we both trust eachothers.

Maharaji walks to Genda and Anuradha and says Pooja Muharat will get over soon and it will be bad, Genda says men do this pooja and Papaji isnt here, Maharaji says its pooja whoever can do this and according to me the women have the true right to perform pooja, Chopda Pooja is done for good business and Kundan never starts good business work without muharat so today he might lose the good time, Genda says but Papaji won’t like it, if Pooja is performed without him,

Maharaji says Genda hear me carefully, this pooja is beneficial only when done on given Muharat and so will Kundan like it if he misses the time, Anuradha says we will perform the pooja.Genda says how will we, Papaji will feel bad, Anuradha says you heard Maharaji right and men aren’t here, so lets perform pooja come.

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Genda and Anuradha perform Pooja, Anuradha asks Genda to start pooja, Genda says Papaji will not like it, Anuradha says he would be upset if you would do it without anyones notice and I am asking you too and if Muharat is missed he will not like it and if you don’t feel good about this, don’t do pooja, Genda looks at Maharaji, Maharaji nods yes to her, Genda says I will perform pooja, Anuradha says don’t worry your Papaji trusts me and he won’t be upset when I tell him the reason after all I have managed home all these years. Genda begings Pooja and performs all rituals.

Maharaji applauds and says you two brought change today and congratulations on that, Anuradha smiles and says look Genda they still aren’t here, good we performed pooja, Maharaji asks where is Shivam, Anuradha says he is with friends, Maharaji says I will go meet him.Nisha and Manish reach home and scared that Kundan will scold them, Kundan and Varun arrive, Manish confused says sorry we are late Papa, Nisha asks Varun why is Papa so upset, Varun says someone withdraw 2.5 lakhs from account, Manish says who did this.

Anuradha asks Kundan why was his phone not reachable, Kundan says put my phone on charging because I am going to have important call and then I need to talk to everyone, Anuradha says I have something important to say too, let me put phone on charging first and leaves.Kundan says Varun, let’s apologise to God and start pooja because its past the Muharat.

Kundan walks in Pooja room, opens books and sees Pooja js performed, Manish, Nisha, Varun surprised too. Genda walks in and says Papaji I already performed the pooja. Kundan says what have you done, do you have any idea what this is, Anuradha says I asked her too, Kundan asks why is this, Anuradha says you were taking time and phone was not reachable, Kundan says couldn’t you use brain, only men perform pooja in this house, and I don’t like any negligence in pooja,

Anuradha says I thought you are taking too long and Muharat time was passing too, Kundan says what all should I manage, nothing good is happening in this house, Anuradha I asked you to take care of this house and you broke my trust of these years, Anuradha asks why are you upset, I did this because of time and how it matters who perform pooja, Kundan says it matters because only men perform pooja in this house, you have disappointed me so much, I don’t agree to this pooja and will redo it and leaves.

Nisha thinks new mess in the family good. Kundan walks in with new books and starts pooja, Anuradha thinks of words she told Genda that Kundan will never oppose her. Kundan finishes pooja and asks Varun to keep books in shop and the ones Genda performed pooja on give it to Shivam to play, Genda feels bad. Anuradha thinks I should apologise to him because it’s Diwali.

Anuradha walks to Kundan, others follow, Kundan checking his phone, Kundan says Anuradha you had something to say, Anuradha says you too, so you go first, Kundan says do you understand bank problems, do you have brains, why ask then, go serve dinner, Manish says Papa, Varun said someone withdraw money, Kundan says may be fraud, I spoke to manager, let me reach out to him again, Anuradha looks at Genda, Genda nods at her, Anuradha says disconnect the phone, Kundan asks why, Anuradha says I took that money, Varun, Manish, Nisha, Kundan shocked.

Precap :Kundan asks Anuradha where did she spend the money, Anuradha says don’t you trust me, Kundan says no I don’t. Genda tries to support her, Kundan says you shutup, Anuradha says let her speak she helped me, Varun says answer Genda, where did you spend the money Genda in temple sees Maharaji and asks him is he upset with her.

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