Choti Sardarni 9th November 2021 Written Update:

Choti Sardarni 9th November 2021 Kulwant says thank God badi bi told me about Kunal and Seher. she told me half of the story. Seher will tell me the rest. Kulwant comes to Seher and says let me do your braid. Your hair is getting weak. Kulwant says does SIL love you? Seher says he loves and cares for me a lot.

Rajveer comes in and says your I have to. She’s so pretty but a little idiot. Seher says you are. Seher says eat medicine. I’ve to go to school. Kulwant says in this age? Rajveer laughs. He says good one. Rajveer says let me get ready too.

Kulwant hugs Seher and says I’m also going to rest. She looks at Rajveer and smiles. Kulwant says I won’t let that Harshdeep succeed. I will tell her who I am.

Scnee 2
Seher comes home. She says mummy ji.. rana is in her place under blanket. He pretends to snore. Seher leaves.

The kids ask where is raj? She says he fight with me. Do you guys like it here? They say you care for us a lot. Rajveer comes there and dances with the kids.

Seher shows him tantrum. She falls. Rajveer falls on her. Seher says didn’t you get scared? He says I am Jutt. Seher says I saw that last night.

Scene 2
Bitu calls Harsh and says the income tax will raid on your house soon. HArsh says who are you? He says your wellwisher. Kulwant asks him to break the sim. She says the drama will start now.

The kids say they never celebrated Diwali. Gilori never let them. Rajveer and Seher tell the kids they will celebrate diwali with them.

Harshdeep calls Bobby and her men. SHe asks them to take everything to the shed. They pick the piles of cash and them to the shed. Kulwant comes there hidden in a bag. She calls Bitu.

Rajveer and seher say we will celebrate diwali with you. We will also celebrate bandichordiwas. Kids ask what’s that? Sehre says Mugal emperor Shri hargovan ji. He decided to release them. But he said he will only go out if he releases all 52 princes. Omkar says like you got us out of Gilori’s jail? Seher says don’t think about that. We are all a family.

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Scene 3
Kulwant says to Bitu and Rana there must be some proof against her in the files here. Look for them.

Seher says this year, we will have so much fun. We will eat sweets and play with lights.

Kulwant sees a file. She says such a big plan. It’s a contract. That if during delivery Seher or kid’s life has to be chosen, the kid should be chosen, Rajveer. Bitu says how can Rajveer sign on it? He is part of her plan.

Rana says let’s go and ask him. Kulwant says Harshdeep has done it. She took his sign on white papers and got this made. Rajveer trusts her. Harshdeep is gone. I will not leave her. Bitu says there’s diwali party tomorrow. We have to go there as well. Kulwant says I don’t want to ruin her happiness. Keep this file safe and go through all these papers here. The a copu of this contract. I will teach this Harshdeep a lesson.

Scene 4
Seher gets ready for diwali. Rajveer looks at her and smiles. He says you look pretty. Seher says thanks. Rajveer reads her a poem. Seher says what an idiot. Seher puts kajal in her eyes. Rajveer says in heart I can’t tell her what’s in my heart. You tell me at least Seher.

Harshdeep is worried. Her man says please rest. Someone must have joked. Phone rings. Harsh picks it. Kulwant says did the raid happen? Harshdeep says what rubbish? Kulwant says I will expose you. Harsh says who are you? Kulwant says you guess. SHe says Kulwant Kaur? Kulwant says yes. Think what can I do. I have all the papers that you sent to the shed. If you don’t want them to go income tax, come to the dhaba.

Seher recalls when Rajveer asked her if she would be his kid’s mother? Seher says first I agreed, but now I am happy as well. She holds her belly and smiles.

Precap :Rajveer says I did all of this Seher to get you. I murdered Kunal. Seher says swear on me. The police arrest Rajveer. Seher is shocked.

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