Choti Sardarni 31st May 2022 Written Update:

Choti Sardarni 31st May 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Goons gets Mannat and Zorawar. Mannat lets Zorawar know that she will seek her retribution on him. He comprehends that she is battling with him purposely. He tells her that now he is in this issue on account of her so he won’t leave her. They contends with one another to redirect the hooligans. Then, at that point, they beat them up. In the mean time, everybody arrives at the woodland and searches Mannat and Zorawar. One of the hooligan focuses weapon at Mannat and Kulwant beat him up. Police comes there and takes hooligans from that point.

Mannat embraces Kulwant. Cart embraces Zorawar. Kulwant inquires as to whether the last option is fine. Mannat gestures at her. Bittu gives water to her. Jeeto apologizes to Mannat saying that her mom is behind this. Mannat tells her that she is fine so the last option need not to apologize. Red is going to holler at Mannat. In any case, Zorawar stops her and says that he is alive now as a result of Mannat. He advises Kiara that now is the right time to mend his injuries. Mannat lets Kulwant know that she is alive now on account of Zorawar.

Kulwant lets Dolly know that she is happy that Mannat and Zorawar are protected. She cut off all binds with Dolly and her loved ones. Cart advises her that she additionally don’t have any desire to keep any sort of relationship with her. Zorawar and Mannat reviews the minutes they imparted to one another. They grins at each one another. That’s what kiara sees and contemplates whether Zorawar loves Mannat.

Everybody arrives at the house. Kulwant assaults Jeeto’s mom. Mannat tells her that she is fine and requests that she leave Jeeto’s mom. Jeeto requests that her mom take off from the house. Jeeto’s mom tells her that she thoroughly took care of her as it were. Jeeto tells her that she don’t believe Kulwant should wind up in prison in the wake of accomplishing something out of resentment. She requests that she not show her face once more and it’s her discipline. She locks the entryway and heads inside.

Kulwant requests that Mannat change saying that she will bring haldi milk for her. Mannat moves towards her worker room. Kulwant prevents her and expresses that from this point forward the last option need not to remain in worker room. She says that today Jeeto took the ideal choice and she want to take another best choice which is giving Mannat’s freedoms to her. She inquires as to whether she is correct. Jeeto gestures at her and heads inside. Kulwant requests that Mannat go to her old room.

After some time, Kulwant treats Mannat’s physical issue and says that in the event that anything happened to her then she wouldn’t have pardon herself. Mannat tells her that she got them after so lengthy and she can’t lose them.

Then again, Zorawar reviews the minutes he imparted to Mannat and sings a melody. He feels that Mannat won’t generally approve of him. In the mean time, Mannat believes that she shouldn’t contemplate Zorawar. She calls him and disengages the call. He gets back to and asks her that for what valid reason she called him. She lets him know that she called him accidentally. They discusses a few irregular things.

Precap – Mannat lets Zorawar know that assuming his life is red. Bittu comes there.

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