Sasural Simar Ka 2 31st May 2022 Written Update:

Sasural Simar Ka 2 31st May 2022 Written Update on

Aarav is in his room toward the start of the episode. Simar comes there. Aarav asks Simar how is Geetanjali. Simar says Geetanjali is fine and taking rest now. She says that she has stuffed Geetanjali’s assets. Aarav says that he also has pressed everything. He shows Simar his pen which was given to him in Geetanjali and alongside that he will take Durgapeetha significantly further.

He shows Gajendra’s kurta to Simar which he has taken from Gajendra. Simar says that she has taken Gajendra’s nightsuit and Sandhya’s saree. Aarav says that he has additionally kept all his life as a youngster effects. He says that he can leave everything behind except not his young life. Aarav gets close to home. Simar consoles her. Next they go to Geetanjali’s room. Geetanjali says she is fine as her family is with her.

She goes ground floor and blows up seeing Giriraj. She recollects the minutes enjoyed with her loved ones. They were all leaving from that point. Chitra stops them. She lets Simar know that in the event that she has the keys of this house, she ought to give those keys to Yamini. Geetanjali says that she will give the keys of this house just to her relative. She leaves from that point by giving her the keys yet Chitra requests that she give her the neckband.

Geetanjali is stunned to hear this. She takes her jewelry from her neck and gives it to Chitra. All the relatives go towards the sanctuary. Geetanjali strolls towards Chitra and moves towards her. Chitra gets frightened. Geetanjali takes a gander at her family photograph and gets it. After that she leaves from that point. Chitra and Gajendra grin seeing this. Geetanjali further sees Yamini at the entryway of her home.

Yamini grins seeing her. Geetanjali overlooks Yamini and leaves from that point. Yamini tells her that what Gopi needs is occurring today. She says that Gopi believed her should come inside this house and Geetanjali out of this house and this is what’s going on today. Simar lashes out hearing this. She lets him know that she has seen as this by seeing so every one of these are of no worth. Saying this they leave from that point.

Dhami stops Aarav and says that on the off chance that he leaves Simar, all will be well. Aarav says that he won’t ever leave Simar. Also, what she needs is never going to happen all things considered. Geetanjali falls further. Media individuals begin taking photographs of Geetanjali. Aarav stops them. Geetanjali says that her own child has sold out her. Simar advises all her quiet and lets the media know that she ought to snap their picture as she is cheerful even today.

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