Choti Sardarni 30th May 2022 Written Update:

Choti Sardarni 30th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Mannat lets Zorawar know that his mom will be blissful seeing him commending his birthday. She adds that his mom’s endowments are with him generally and his satisfaction just matters for her. He tells her that her mom should be glad for her too on the grounds that she got her loved ones. She reviews that how she hollered at him for distributing article about her being an ill-conceived kid. He tells her that he distributed no article.

He is sorry to her. She lets him know that she didn’t consume his mom’s name logo. She adds that she battled with him for land since she can’t allow those town to individuals lose their homes that is the reason. She is sorry to him. He wonders whether or not to eat the natural product which she brought for him. So she reviles him to get hiccups. He begins hiccuping. He tells her that it should be her who continued to revile him.

She pulls him towards her and inquires as to whether he could have done without her reviling him. He gets stunned seeing their closeness. She lets him know that his hiccups gone. She shares with him that he required some investment to grasp those women ability. She adds that he isn’t a craftsman so it required investment for him to comprehend. He inquires as to whether she imagines that he have no ability. He begins singing.

They prepares to rest. He ties her duppata with his hand. He asks her that what’s going on with she. She lets him know that he rest strolls that is the reason. He asks her that how she is familiar with it. She reviews that how she saw that. She deceives him that Kiara illuminated her. They sets down. He tells her that he can’t rest without giving any test to his psyche. She lets him know that they will rest in the woodland and none of the test can beat that. She plays with him. They nods off.

Then again, Jeeto sees that Bittu is stressed over Mannat. Jeeto’s mom requests that she keep quiet and witness the show since they can’t track down Mannat. She uncovers that she send thugs to kill Mannat. Jeeto reviews that how Seher said that Mannat is Bittu’s girl and furthermore the way in which Bittu hollered at her for Mannat.

Following day, Zorawar and Mannat awakens. They hears strides and chooses to remove their assistance to go from the woods. In the mean time, hooligans look through Zorawar and Mannat. Zorawar sees the thug. Mannat shouts for help so he shuts her mouth. One of the thug hears commotion and requests that others search Zorawar and Mannat.

Thugs discusses killing Mannat. Zorawar and Mannat stows away from thugs. Mannat ponders that who need to kill her. She requests that he avoid her or probably they will pursue him as well. Hooligans tracks down them. Zorawar and Mannat runs from that point. Kulwant requests that Jeeto’s mom tell her hooligans to not kill Mannat and Zorawar. In the interim, Goons gets Zorawar and Mannat.

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