Choti Sardarni 27th May 2022 Written Update:

Choti Sardarni 27th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Dolly and Kulwant contends with one another. Kiara argues them to zero in on tracking down Zorawar and Mannat. Karan concurs with her and says that finding Mannat and Zorawar ought to be their need. Kulwant and Dolly glares one another. Then again, Zorawar says that he needs water. Mannat tracks down water and shows it to him. He tells her that he can’t hydrate. She lets him know that they can drink in the wake of separating it since this is what accessible in this timberland. She makes a cup utilizing leaf and fills it with water and gives it to him.

He drinks it and offers with her expression that she should be parched too which astonishes her. They shares an eye lock. She likewise hydrates. She says that they need to continue to walk or, more than likely they need to go through night in the woods which is hazardous. He tells her that he is eager. She ridicules him and requests that he stand by. They begins strolling. Thugs look through Zorawar and Mannat to kill them.

Zorawar lets Mannat know that he might kick the bucket in the event that he eats nothing then. She insults him. He discovers a few leafy foods eating it. She requests that he toss it saying that they are harmful. She advises him to upchuck or, in all likelihood he might pass on. He battles to upchuck. She chides him and requests that he upchuck. He attempts yet fizzles. She lets him know that they ought to visit Doctor subsequent to leaving the backwoods.

He feels unsteady and starts giggling seeing five Mannat. She requests that he quit snickering and walk. He mirrors her and starts running. She ponders that what has been going on with him. She imagines that imagine a scenario in which it’s a symptom of those organic products. He climbs tree. She requests that he descend however he declines. In the mean time, Ranna consoles the stressed Bittu. Cart and Bittu battles with one another.

Zorawar hops from the tree. Mannat gets stressed and inquires as to whether he is fine. He begins crying saying that she is so terrible. He tells her that his life is difficult. She requests that he quit crying. He says that he will not listen her and blacks out. She requests that he open his eyes yet no reaction from him. She ponders that how would it be advisable for her she respond. She believes that they need to leave the timberland at any expense.

Afterward, Zorawar recovers cognizance and finds Mannat applying mud on his hands. He asks her that what is she doing and avoid him. She lets him know that she was applying mud to shield him from mosquitoes. He tells her that he isn’t acclimated to that. Mosquitoes begins tearing into him. She lets him know that these are woods mosquitoes so he ought to apply mud. He applies it. Hooligan lets Jeeto’s mom know that it’s now night still they couldn’t track down Zorawar and Mannat.

Mannat assists Zorawar with disposing of bloodsucker. He gets retained seeing her nearby and afterward comes to the truth. She carries him food to eat. He says that he would have eat food made by Kiara on the off chance that he was in the house. She inquires as to whether he never praised his birthday. He gestures at her.

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