Choti Sardarni 26th May 2022 Written Update:

Choti Sardarni 26th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Zorawar stops the vehicle and lets Mannat know that she fouled up. She lets him know that he uncovered her personality and offended Kulwant. She adds that he beginned everything. He tells her that he never went individual like her. He says that everybody calls her as ill-conceived youngster and Bittu left her and Harnoor. She flies off the handle and slaps him.

He requests that she slap him more since that aggravation isn’t anything. He says that she feels awful when somebody calls her as ill-conceived kid then what he would have felt when Inderpal reprimanded him when he was only five years of age. He uncovers that he used to stammer when he was youngster and Inderpal beat him for that and reviled him. He adds that Inderpal never acknowledged him and detested him since he was unable to satisfy his assumptions.

He says that Mannat is fortunate that she had Harnoor with her. He illuminates her that today is his mom’s passing commemoration and he needed to uncover her representation. He adds that he never saw his mom’s face since his birthday is her demise day. He says that he lived without guardians love. He uncovers that this manufacturing plant was his mom’s fantasy. She gets stunned hearing everything. She is going to get hit by a truck however that’s what zorawar sees and saves her. Hooligans look through them.

Then again, Dolly lets Kulwant know that what all Mannat did in the initiation. Kulwant acclaims Mannat. She says that Mannat did this to got back at Zorawar for offending her. Cart says that ill-conceived kid Mannat reserved no options to do all that. Kulwant cautions her to not express a word against Mannat. Bittu lets Dolly know that he will not hear a word against Mannat. Cart ridicules him. She gets some information about Zorawar. Red says that Mannat would have did something to Zorawar. Kulwant says that she has no clue about that where is Zorawar now.

In the mean time, Mannat reviews that how Zorawar saved her. He tells her that she generally brings issues for himself and moves from that point. Karan says that Mannat isn’t picking the call. Kulwant says that Zorawar would have done something to Mannat. She takes the blade and compromises Dolly. Cart takes the weapon out and focuses at Kulwant. Jeeto’s mom reviews that how she employed hooligans to kill Mannat.

In the woods, Mannat tumbles down. Zorawar returns hearing her shout. He ties his tissue on her feet. She ponders that how they will escape. He sees that there is no organization around there. Karan stops the battle and says that they ought to track down Zorawar and Mannat. Kiara concurs with him. They goes out to track down Zorawar and Mannat.

Zorawar lets Mannat know that appears as though somebody was following her to kill her. She lets him know that they should be his foes. She says that she is trapped in the woods as a result of him. They battles about manufacturing plant issue. He says that his unfamiliar clients needed handcrafted phulkari plan duppatas so he made arrangements for a cooperation with those women however Mannat demolished everything. That’s what she imagines in the event that he is coming clean, he isn’t just terrible.

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