Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 25th February 2022 Written Update:

Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 25th February 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Dhanush dropping Chikoo in a pool while hitting the dance floor with her which stuns her companions. Some time back it’s shown Aarav and Param regarding Dhanush’s Mom. Chikoo says she is sweet. Scaled down lets her companions know that Dhanush’s Mom talks like she will kill you and she continued to converse with Chikoo and she didn’t recollect my name. Nivaan tells it resembles Chikoo grabbed consideration. Little requests that Nivaan assist him with concealing his mysterious. Nivaan asks what he needs him to do. Small requests that he ruin Chikoo’s standing before Alka.

Alka tells Dhanush that Chikoo was destined to lose as she doesn’t have any aspiration and you ought to have broken her expectations and haughtiness when she crushed you in the test. Dhanush says Chikoo’s brain is sharp. Alka says she doesn’t have stive to win so rout her. Dhanush tells he will put forth a valiant effort to win the grant.

Alka says Chikoo is now broken and you really want to make systems to cause your rival to get frightened to confront your capricious moves and she requests that he break the Chikoo’s self-assurance to light the energy in him. Dhanush concurs. Alka proposes him to kill the fearlessness of Chikoo to win the opposition. Dhanush looks on.

Smaller than usual asks Chikoo and her companions to meet her companions. Nivan brings the juice. Smaller than usual requests that he give it to Chikoo. Nivan gives the spiked beverage. Param Shakti plays with all glasses and Nivan is confounded with regards to which is spiked one. Sameer calls Chikoo and becomes more acquainted with she is fine. Smaller than usual says Chikoo’s karma is great. Nivan goes with a beverage requesting that she partake in the party.

Keshav advises Dhanush that he wants to partake in the game leaving about winning and losing and its misuse of the triumph assuming we lose ourselves and I might improve work however I’m remaining here as Aunt gave me numerous things throughout everyday life and I won’t leave until she dislikes my visit. Dhanush tells he really wants to do it for his Mom’s bliss. Keshav tells you can’t see yourself in the mirror assuming you break that young lady in like that. Dhanush looks on.

Dhanush comes to the party and appreciates with his companions. Small brings the cake. He slices the cake and feeds to his Mom. Alka requests that he effectively do right by her vibe. Scaled down takes care of him a cake and embraces him saying, my affection. Dhanush takes care of cake to Chikoo which shocks everybody. Nivan ridicules her size. Dhanush stops him letting him know it’s inappropriate to remark on somebody’s weight and he requests that Dj start the music and he demands Chikoo to hit the dance floor with him. Chikoo concurs and hits the dance floor with him. Dhanush drops her in a pool while hitting the dance floor with her. Everybody snickers at Chikoo.

Alka feels pleased and leaves from that point. Keshav approaches Dhanush and says you addressed Nivan why you got it done? You fulfilled your Mom with your demonstration however did you feel blissful by making it happen? Dhanush leaps to the pool and he attempts to cover her with his jacket. Chikoo in tears stops him explaining to she abhors him and questions why he gave a phony guarantee to her.

Chikoo strolls in the street while reviewing her embarrassment. Arav, Dimple, and Param Shakti attempt to stop her however she duesnt tune in and she reaches to home. Sameer gets stunned seeing her state. Chikoo secures herself in the room. Sameer thumps on the entryway and asks what occurred. Dimple tells Chikoo is harmed. Aarav tells he hurt her fearlessness.

Chikoo sees herself in the mirror and she advises herself to fail to remember her energy and breaks the mirror. Sameer first inside breaking the entryway and inquires as to whether she is fine and asks what occurred. Chikoo says I let you know Dhanush will ridicule me yet you sent me there and they giggled at me and considered me to be amusement.

Precap – Chikoo tells her self confidence and certainty are broken and she can never move before anybody. Dhanush guaranteed his Mom to win the grant and make Chikoo gets ousted from the school.

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