Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 24th February 2022 Written Update:

Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 24th February 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Chikoo denying going to his birthday celebration. Dhanush requests that she allow him a single opportunity as he understood his misstep. Sameer says I allowed you an opportunity however she would rather not give so leave from here. Dhanush reviews his Mom’s words and requests that Chikoo go to his party to gain experiences as it’s their pole year. Chikoo says you need to gain great experiences for yourself and you’re welcoming me to embarrass me so I will not join in. Dhanush tells please Chikoo.

Sameer stops Dhanush and requests that he not drive her. Dhanush tells my Dad used to safeguard me like you’re safeguarding Chikoo and I lost him when I was 7 and he asked me to never menace anybody and I hurt Chikoo that is the reason I came to apologize to her and I need to follow my Dad words so allow me a single opportunity and I will assume the liability and leave from Chikoo life in the event that something happens to her at my party so allow me a single opportunity. Sameer looks on.

Dhanush available for potential emergencies Informs Mini that he went to welcome Chikoo for his Mom and he asks where is she. Small scale tells she is at Aisha’s place. Dhanush requests that she come soon so he can keep away from Chikoo. Smaller than normal lets her companions know that she is concerned as Chikoo is going to the party. Her companions inquire as to whether Chikoo knows any confidential regarding her. Chikoo lets him know these gatherings are not so much for her. Sameer says don’t feel unreliable and he demands her to go to the party to make new companions and he presents dress to her and calls Dimple and Param Shakti. They tell Dhanush called them for her. Small calls Chikoo and becomes more acquainted with that Chikooo is going to the party as Dhanush apologized to her.

Small scale shows up at the birthday celebration with her companions. Young ladies attempts to intrigue him. Dhanush embraces Mini and gestures of recognition her look. Small lets him know blissful birthday. Chikoo and her companions show up at the party. Dhanush heartily invites them. is going to eat treat however some young lady ridicules her. Dimple takes Chikoo with her. Chikoo tells she feels something wrong will occur.

Dimple goes to her another companion. Smaller than usual requests that Chikoo not uncover anybody that I’m not Joshi if not Dhanush’s Mom won’t care for me and Aarav, Nivaan didn’t uncover to anybody. Chikoo tells it’s off-base and I won’t ever mislead my sweethearts. Dhanush comes there and advises Chikoo that his Mom needs to meet her. Small tells she excessively accompany them and she signs Chikoo not uncover her matter.

Dhanush asks Keshav when he will come to his party. Keshav says he have work. Dhanush acquaints Chikoo with her Mom in a stammering tone. Chikoo notices him. Small embraces his Mom. She calls her as Mona. Dhanush tells it’s Mini. Dhsnush Mom says I took care of my significant other pharma organization past his demise and it’s great to see one young lady seeking grant and she asks what is her desire. Chikoo reviews her moving design and tells she didn’t choose. She inquires as to whether she is intending to settle with marriage?

Chikoo tells no. She says you need to rival Dhanush to win the grant so let me know what you know so it’s simple for Dhanush to overcome you and I need him to win and your mother nay wish something similar. Chikoo tells she doesn’t have Mom. She requests that she pass her respects on to her Dad. Small scale applauds the party. Dhanush Mom requests that they join the party telling she need to chat with Dhanush.

Precap – Dhanush drops Chikoo in a pool while hitting the dance floor with her.

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