Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 23rd February 2022 Written Update:

Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 23rd February 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Chikoo saying Nupur is killed as somebody pushes her from the steps and I need to look for the individual who justification for her demise to cause her to get equity. Sameer says it’s simply a mishap as we are there that day. Chikoo says no, lights went off abruptly and I have a tie of individual who pushed Mom as I get it from the Mom’s hand and my hunch is saying Kamini is the behind Mom’s killer. Sameer says it implies you are in danger as well and he takes her home saying he can’t lose him.

Dhanush apologizes to her Mom and guarantees her that he will win the grant. She says tomorrow is your birthday and your Dad envisioned such countless things for you so I need to praise your birthday so call your companions and Chikoo. Dhanush inquires as to why age needs him to call his rival. She says she is your foe in the event that not a companion so it’s expected to make her visit close to you.

Sameer comes to the eating table detecting the smell of food. Chikoo shows him the great she arranged for him. Sameer inquires as to why he feels she is doing this to get something. Chikoo says you gave me another life however Mom’s demise is upsetting me so let me know how might I fail to remember her? You’re my solidarity to battle the chances so allow me one more opportunity by understanding me similar to my aide and companion so support me. Sameer says he generally upholds her. Chikoo expresses gratitude toward him. Sameer cautions her to be cautious and he requests that she not uncover her personality to Joshi’s family and told me before you’re busy. Chikoo inquires as to why he needs to conceal her character. Sameer says it’s gamble for your life as well so guarantee me. Chikoo guarantees him and lets him know that she will win grant as well.

Entire school attempts to intrigue Dhanush with their desires. Companions asks Mini for what valid reason she is giving little gift. Smaller than usual tells he really wants feelings not huge gift. They request that she organize party. Smaller than expected asks them stand by then she goes to Dhanush and wish him. Dhanush tells her Mom is directing the birthday celebration for himself and he requests that she welcome Chikoo for his as Mom needs her to go to it and he tells it’s her birthday present for him.

Smaller than usual welcomes Chikoo. Chikoo tells she won’t confide in them and requests that she avoid her. Smaller than usual explains to you’re my family that is the reason I came to caution you to avoid the birthday celebration and I came here to call you as he is my sweetheart and he can’t stand you. Chikoo advises she despises him as well and denies to go to Dhanush birthday celebration.

Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 22 February 2022 Written Update:

Smaller than normal illuminates it to Dhanush and he becomes furious. Dhanush illuminates his Mom that Chikoo denied to go to his party. She terminates the representative self image mixed up then she requests that her child make Chikoo goes to his birthday celebration. Keshah comes there with the bouquet and asks Dhanush what occurred. Dhanush goes to Sameer place with the bouquet. Chikoo inquires as to why he came and lets his Dad know that he cherished her in restroom to win the test. Dhanush tells he didn’t do it and apologizes to her then he asks her for an opportunity. Chikoo denies. Sameer requests that he leave.

Precap – Dhanush tells he will liability assuming that something happens to Chikoo at his party. Sameer requests that Chikoo go to the party.

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