Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 25th February 2022 Written Update:

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 25th February 2022 Written Update: Episode starts with Sikandar professes to converse with Gehna on the call. He inquires as to whether she is fine. She gestures at him and leaves from that point. Then again, Kabir takes a gander at the image of his and Kamya which he took it without her insight. Kamya requests his portable saying that she need to settle on a decision. He imagines that she won’t leave him on the off chance that she saw their image. He gives the portable to her and enters the washroom. She sees the image and chooses to manage Kabir later.

She ponders that Sikandar was conversing with which Gehna. She calls Sikandar’s office and discovers that nobody named Gehna works there. Then, at that point, she calls Praful and lets him know that she have something vital to converse with him. He tells her that he was stressed over her so presently he is in Mumbai to meet her. She expresses gratitude toward him and requests that he meet her in the nursery.

In the nursery, Kamya gets enthusiastic seeing Praful and runs towards him. She takes his gifts. She lets him know that she hung tight a great deal for this second. He gives new portable to her idiom that he was unable to remain without conversing with her. She lets him know that Kabir’s family will assist her with arriving at Anant’s killer. He becomes confounded hearing her. She lets him know that she will clarify him everything later. She says that there is part of disarray and she isn’t getting everything except her heart says that Kabir is great individual. He tells her that he previously lost numerous and presently he can’t stand to lose anything.

Kabir look through Kamya in the house. He goes out wearing towel. He tracks down her in the nursery. He asks her that for what reason she came out alone when she knows that her life in harm’s way. Praful grins seeing Kabir’s concern for Kamya. She asks Kabir that for what valid reason is he meandering this way. He sees that he is in towel. She lets him know that she came to meet Praful. He takes Praful’s favors and attempts to dazzle him. Then, at that point, he leaves from that point. Kamya lets Praful know that she will converse with him later. He requests that she not blend the past with present.

Afterward, Kamya asks Dimpy that for what reason Rajesh taking her today for a date when everybody goes on Valentine’s day. Dimpy tells her that everybody goes that day that is the reason they are going today. Kamya gets some information about their romantic tale. Dimpy tells her that how Rajesh safeguarded her and how she succumb to him. Kamya reviews that how Kabir safeguarded her generally. Dimpy composes ‘K’ on Kamya’s hand. She gets some information about Kabir. She gives bangles to her and requests that she wear when she acknowledges Kabir.

Gehna named young lady meets Sikandar and gets his mark. Kamya sees that. He inquires as to whether she has any association with Gehna in light of the fact that she is acting unusual. She lets him know that she knows Gehna and barely any individuals grabbed blamelessness from her. He feels that it will be amusing to play find the stowaway with her.

Precap – Dimpy illuminates Kamya regarding party. Sikandar requests that Kabir wear Anant’s coat.

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