Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 14th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Savitri announces Milind Joshi as their heir. Nupur feels happy and congratulate him. Subodh and Kamini gets angry. Milind says Subodh is elder but Savitri says he will support you. Subodh agrees. Savitri says Milind will remarried post his divorce than he will have kid and can do partition of property according to his wish and Nupur don’t have any right on our property as she chose the Chikoo over her relationship with Milind. Chikoo and Nupur gets sad. Kamini and Subodh congratulates Milind.

Nupur cries in her room and reminscing Savitri words and she thinks when their differences got increased and if he gets remarried than what will happen to our Payal. Subodh blames Kamini for their situation. Kamini says your Mom is snatching everything from us and I will snatch everything from him and I won’t let him ever know that Chikoo is his daughter and she burns the photo of Chikoo with Rangoli and says its the end of Payal chapter.

Chikoo in tears thinks Nupur aunty is losing her family for me and noone ever showed this much care on me and I won’t let her separate from her Milind uncle as I know it will be sad for her than she goes to Nupur room and asks if everything is fine. Nupur says she lost the important thing in her life and maybe I’m not lucky. Chikoo says don’t say in this way as we can change our fate with our hard-work and I will help you to search that important thing so don’t lose the hope and promise me. Nupur promise her and hugs her in tears.

Milind returns to home and says Nupur than he realises he is alone and he sees Nupur photo in phone and tells her that don’t know whether I’m able to fulfill my duties after taking the Mom’s position in our companies or not as I’m feeling alone without you and I’m not understanding anything as their is noone to discuss about my doubts and I’m feeling alone. Kamini sends Subodh to Milind to implement their next plan as Milind is alone. Subhodh meets Milind and insists him for celebrating the moment and he takes Milind with him.

Chikoo thinks how to stop Nupur aunty separation from Milind? First I have to know about Milind uncle through my Chikoogiri and she goes to Nupur room noticed it’s empty than she notices Nupur is sleeping at dining table. Chikoo asks Nupur, if she is waiting for Milind. Nupur says maybe he has much work, that’s why didn’t return to home. Chikoo asks if this according to Milind choice. Nupur agrees than she gets to know from Nupur what Milind likes than she asks Nupur to have food. Nupur says she will have it with Milind as he won’t eat outside food.

Milind comes home drunk and he about to fell down and Nupur tries to help him but he stops her and tells her that you broke our relation in one minute and this alcohol is becoming my partner. Nupur says she will drop him at his room but He shouts on Nupur saying he don’t want her support and asks her to stay away from him and he leaves to his room. Nupur cries. Chikoo wipes the years of Nupur


Next day Chikoo asks Milind to not to drink. She says promise, you will never drink, then I will never come in front of you.

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