Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 14th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Kumar tells Radhika that he knows that she is shocked and introduces Siddharth to her. He tells Siddharth that Radhika is his girlfriend. She tells him that Siddharth looks exactly like Anant. She asks him about Laila. He tells her that Laila went to change her outfit. Siddharth thinks that he need to escape and Gehna must be waiting for him near the door. Gehna wonders that why Siddharth didn’t come yet and even she can’t wait here for long time. She hides seeing Sagar.

Sagar calls Kanak and asks her to confirm that Gehna is in Desai mansion or not. Kanak checks Gehna’s room and tells him that Gehna is not in her room and disconnects the call. Pankaj asks him that what is she doing in Gehna’s room. She informs him that Gehna is missing which worries him.

Sagar thinks that this Laila could be fake one. Everyone cheers for Laila. Gehna comes there wearing veil. She gets shocks seeing Radhika with Kumar. Radhika asks Laila to remove the veil. Gehna asks her to join for dance performance. They dances on “Nadiyon paar” song. Sagar notices nuptial chain of Gehna hanging on Laila’s dress and confirms that she is Gehna only. He removes her veil and everyone shocks seeing her and she runs from there. Kumar orders his goons to catch Gehna. Gehna hides when light goes off. Kumar orders his goons to search Gehna.

Siddharth finds Gehna and tells her that they should leave now. She notices that her nuptial chain is missing and she tells him about it. He mockingly asks her that is she planning to go inside again to get her nuptial chain. She tries to go inside and he stops him. She tells him that because of darkness no one will be able to see her. He asks her to stand silently saying that he will bring her nuptial chain and goes inside.

On the other hand, Kanak gives food to Hema. She tells her that soon they won’t get anything to eat if this situation continues then. Hema asks her that what will happen in the future. Kanak tells her that she, Pankaj, Chetan and the latter can live together.

Kumar yells at his goons.1 Radhika tells him that Laila and Siddharth would have left for date. Sagar tells her that they should find out that Siddharth is Anant or not. Kumar tells them that he has Siddharth DNA report. He ass him about Gehna. Sagar asks him to not worry because he knows a way to catch Gehna.

Meanwhile, Tiya blames herself for Krishna’s condition. She talks about Anant and cries. He asks her to believe God and everything will be fine. Sagar shows Gehna’s nuptial chain to Kumar and tells him that without taking this Gehna won’t leave. They searches Gehna. Siddharth hides with Gehna and tells her that she looks hot in this outfit. She cries. He asks her to not cry. She tells him that she hates herself for doing all this and she can’t return to Desai mansion in this outfit.

Precap –:

Siddharth fights with Kumar’s goons. One of the goon attempts to stab him.

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