Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 16th November 2022 Written Update:

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 16th November 2022 Written Update on

Cart commends Indu’s affection for Zoon. Indu calls Zoon Cart’s little girl from now on. They share a close to home embrace. Sameer comes there and thinks that he has discovered Indu in the act. He questions her for not following the Court’s organization. Kamna upholds him.

They remind Indu about the Court’s organization once more. Indu requests that they not make commotion as Zoon, Sameer’s girl is dozing. Sameer says that Zoon is Kadambari’s girl as it were. Indu gets some information about Kadambari’s whereabouts and censures her. Kamna shields Kadambari.

Indu calls Sameer cash disapproved for focusing on cash over relations. Sameer acknowledges and says that cash runs the entire world. He derides Indu’s adoration for Zoon. Cart stands firm of Indu and says that Indu’s adoration will assist her with getting Zoon back very soon.

Cart illuminates Sameer and Kamna that Indu didn’t go into inside Zoon’s room it was she who recounted story to her and made her rest. She leaves with Indu. Vivek enquires about Zoon and Indu from Ritesh. They see that Meghna is really looking at the document. They desire to get a piece of information to stop Kadambari. Meghna educates them regarding the notice of Nima Bakshi and her little girl in the will.

Sameer discovers that Nima Bakshi or her little girl can’t guarantee their privileges in the property and feels that Kadambari has some profound association with the individual. They get adress of Nima Bakshi and plans to see as her. Afterward, Ritesh and Indu desire to track down Nima Bakshi. Ritesh says that he is exceptionally drained. Indu says that she will rest in a different spot.

Ritesh faults television serials and requests that Indu rest on bed by placing in the middle between. Indu says that she is working class not at all like Ritesh so she will not have rest on that bed. Ritesh himself wishes to rest on couch. Indu requests that he not as he might get joint torment. Ritesh doesn’t tune in. They have a charming battle.

Indu falls on Ritesh. They share an eyelock. Ritesh rests on the couch. Next morning Ritesh feels torment in neck. Indu chastens him for not paying attention to him. She applies to analgesic on his neck and goes to check Zoon as she has school. Sameer orchestrates photoshoot from him and Zoon. Indu, Cart see it. Indu questions Sameer.

Sameer requests that she not meddle in their matter. Indu says that she will gripe about Sameer and Kadambari in the court. Sameer couldn’t care less and leaves. Anjali shows up there with Rajender’s kofta that he made for Zoon. Indu gets an answer. She lets Anjali know that this dish is Zoon’s #1, assuming she packs the kofta in tiffin Zoon will go to class.

Indu enlightens Cart regarding the tiffin so Zoon can hear it. She leaves the photoshoot and educates Sameer concerning going to class. Sameer concurs pitifully and requests that Caretaker prepare her. Zoon says that Anjali will prepare her for school. Sameer gets persuaded toward the end. Sunita and Anjali examine about Indu’s agony and battle.

She and Anjali feel vulnerable. Sunita requests that Anjali go to Indu’s home to deal with Zoon. Anjali gets persuaded for Zoon. At office, Ritesh lashes out. Vivek calls him and gives him data about Nima Bakshi. Indu gets panik assault in rest contemplating Zoon. Ritesh sees that Indu has fever and requests that she take rest. Ritesh feels that he needs to come clean to her. The episode closes.

Precap – Ritesh tells Indu that Nima Bakshi was the second spouse of Kadambari’s father who is no more. Indu loses trusts. Ritesh says that her girl is found and calls somebody inside.

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