Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 15th November 2022 Written Update:

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 15th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Zoon goes to meet Shakuntala. Cart asks Zoon where is Ritesh and Indu and asks her for what valid reason she looks miserable. Kaamna goes into the room and calls Zoon as her granddaughter which befuddles Cart and Shakuntala. Sameer and Kaamna grins at each other.

Sameer lets Cart know that him and Kadambari win Zoon’s guardianship which shocks Cart and Shakuntala. Cart lets Zoon know that atleast she can remain with them under a similar rooftop however and tells her that she can talk and have food with her grandma Shakuntala.

Sameer lets Cart know that Zoon’s grandma isn’t Shakuntala however Kaamna. He then, at that point, effectively takes Zoon with him and the last option gazed at Cart and Shakuntala tragically. Kaamna insults at both Cart and Shakuntala then, at that point, leaves the spot.

Later Cart begs Shakuntala to have food yet the last option declines which stresses Cart. Indu and Ritesh comes there. Indu begs Shakuntala to have food since they need to major areas of strength for remain this fight. They might have been crushed yet the fight isn’t finished at this point additionally guarantees Zoon that she will get back Zoon at any expense.

Ritesh additionally guarantees something similar to Shakuntala. Cart acclaims the two of them for being solid and not losing trust in this present circumstance likewise chooses to areas of strength for stay. Sameer tells Kadambari via call that he will converse with his travel planner to book their tickets additionally ask about her will interaction then, at that point, cuts the call.

Indu and Ritesh discovers that Zoon is remaining alone in a room through Cart. This data disturbs Indu and Ritesh. Ritesh gers irate and chastens Kadambari for the manner in which she is treating Zoon and chooses to meet Zoon.

Indu gets stressed and follows Ritesh. She begs Ritesh to not to fall into the snare of Sameer and Kadambari as they attempt to incite them so they can conflict with the court request which they shouldn’t. She additionally begs him to control his annoyance then, at that point, goes to see what Zoon is doing.

She emerges and finds not many guardians going into the house. She asks them what their identity is. One of them says Sameer called them here. All of a sudden Sameer shows up there with Zoon. He intentionally drops Zoon’s hand from his. Zoon makes a stride towards Indu however the last option shakes her head no so Zoon stays in her place. Sameer gets stunned seeing it. He then acquaints the babysitters with Zoon.

Zoon welcomes them as di however Sameer requests that she call out to them by them since they are working for them. Zoon denies and tells the babysitters are senior than her. Sameer sends Zoon with the babysitter’s. Indu takes a gander at Sameer and contemplates internally that she won’t succumb to his games then leaves the spot. Sameer feels that he will do everything possible to make Ritesh and Indu break the court request.

Vivek goes to a travel service to book tickets for the impending wedding occasion which he is dealing with. He learns through the proprietor Ashok that Sameer is reserving three tickets so he calls Indu and cautions her about the equivalent. Indu gets stressed. Vivek proposes Indu to illuminate anything she advanced now to Ritesh and together find an answer soon. Indu obliges.

Indu illuminates Ritesh about Sameer and Kadambari’s arrangement to take Zoon with them to Spain. Ritesh flies off the handle and says that he realizes this going to occur as Kadambari getting five crores. Indu lets him know that they need to stop Sameer and Kadambari at any expense. She then gets a call from Meghna.

Ritesh lets Indu know that they need to thwart Kadambari’s arrangement utilizing legitimate ways so requests that she answer Meghna’s call since she can help them. Indu lets Meghna know that she will meet her as need might arise to converse with her about something significant. Meghna consents to meet them. Ritesh and Indu meets Meghna. Meghna lets them know they can’t stop Kadambari.

She then adds assuming there is somebody who can challenge Kadambari’s will that can postpone her getting her property in that manner they can stop Sameer and Kadambari taking Zoon with then to Spain. She likewise illuminates in that will somebody’s name Nima Bakshi is referenced and goes to bring the will.

In the mean time Ritesh gets a call from Kaamna who illuminates Zoon is remaining alone in a room likewise Sameer censured her from going to remain with Zoon then cuts the call. She likewise calls Sameer and requests that he get back home so he can make Indu capture for conflicting with the court rules. Indu lets Ritesh know that she will proceed to take care of Zoon.

Cart reprimands thr overseer for her inconsiderate way of behaving towards Zoon. She then, at that point, recounts to Zoon a story and make her nod off. Indu shows up there and gets close to home seeing this. She then embraces Cart and says thanks to her.

Precap: Indu begs Sameer to not to make commotions on the grounds that Zoon is dozing calmly and she don’t believe her girl should waste her time. Sameer tells her that Zoon isn’t her little girl yet his significant other Kadambari’s additionally taunts at her by reminding her about the court request. In Meghna’s office both Vivek and Ritesh desire to track down a proviso to utilize it against Sameer and Kadambari. The two of them likewise ponders who is Nima Bakshi.

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