RadhaKrishn 16th November 2022 Written Update:

RadhaKrishn 16th November 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Bakasur sends a twister to Vrindadavan and lets Mahadev know that he can’t stop Vrindavan’s destroyal. Yashoda and Kirtida get stressed for Radha and Krishna. Nand and Vrishbhan go looking for them.

Yashoda supplicates Narayan to safeguard her youngsters. Krishna through clairvoyance requests that Radha and Balram proceed to safeguard Vrindavan residents. Balram requests that Radha stay back and goes to safeguard residents.

Bakasur challenges that in no time flat, Krishna will pass on. Radha cautions him not to and attempts to kill Bakasur. Krishna reminds her commitment that she will likewise not kill Bakasur.

Radha stands defenseless. Devi Gauri takes Bhadrakali symbol. Indra requests that Mahadev quiet down Devi Gauri or probably there would be a catastrophe. Mahadev says he can’t help. Mahadev cautions Bakasur that Bhadrakali will end him.

Bakasur calls asurs for help. Bhadrakali kills asurs. Krishna cautions Bakasur to patch his ways before its past the point of no return. Mahadev says Devi Bhadrakali will end all the asur powers and whoever upholds them.

Balram sees Bhadrakali and attempts to send Vrindavan residents to his home. Indradev argues Devi Bhadrakali to quiet down. Devi attempts to go after him. Mahadev pulls Indradev to the side. All divine beings implore Devi to quiet down.

Radha becomes restless seeing all the episode and through her superpowers sees Vrishbhan, Nand, Kirtida, Yashoda and everybody oblivious in Vrindavan. She liberates Krishna from her vow.

Krishna argues Bhadrakali to quiet down and let his and Radha’s affection win. Bhadrakali quiets down. Balram awakens everybody and gets back to help Krishna. He sees Krishna’s heavenly symbol and welcomes him. Krishna extends himself in Bakasur’s mouth.

Precap: Krishna kills Bakasur. Divine beings serenade his jai.

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