Bigg Boss 15 25th January 2022 Written Update:

The present episode begins with; Day 115 at 6:15PM; Rakhi asks Shamita how was her response towards everybody. Shamita praise Shamita.

7 PM; Rj Karan and Palak requests that Nishant commit the melody to the connected detainee proposed by them. Nishant devote ‘Benevolence’ tune to Shamita. Shamita and Nishant hit the dance floor with one another. Detainees alongside RJ’s appreciates.

Nishant devote Karan ‘simple angane mei tumhara kya kaam hai’ tune. The two of them dance. Housemates appreciate.

RJ request that Nishant commit the tune ‘naam bade darshan chote’. Nishant commit the melody to Rashami. Rashami and Nishant dance together.

RJ Karan ask regardless of he felt Rashami’s dress in the last errand was great yet he didn’t upheld her. Nishant says Rashami’s dresses were pretty yet everybody has a top pick inside the house.

Palak asks Nishant he was heard saying Shamita phony and Pratik narcissistic. Nishant safeguard himself and says it is for the specific situation.

RJ Palak ask Nishant his bond with Karan is in making once more. Nishant says Karan guaranteed him that he will battle for him outside which is making him to succumb to his kinship once more. Karan concur with Nishant.

Rj Karan requests that Nishant let know if anybody’s activity hurt him. Nishant took Rakhi’s name.

7:45PM; RJ questions Tejasswi next. Palak gets some information about her excursion. Tejasswi says she experienced the excursion. RJ karan asks Tejasswi that she was denounced for playing compassion card. Tejasswi says she isn’t a casualty yet a solid character.

Palak asks Tejasswi that she has asserted she has no companion in the house yet she got the help in the undertaking. Tejasswi clarifies everybody has their need and none played for her in the errand.

RJ’s case that Tejasswi took search for a blessings from others. Tejasswi safeguard herself. Pratik, Rashami and Shamita concur with RJs.

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RJ Karan asks Tejasswi she used to blame Karan for playing for Umar in spite of last option don’t play for her. Tejasswi says she just expressed the reality.

Palak inquires as to whether she needs to apologize anybody. Tejasswi apologize Rakhi.

RJ’s play game with Tejasswi and Karan. Karan is approached to make an interpretation of Marathi word into Hindi. Detainees appreciate.

RJ Karan and Palak showers question to Shamita. Shamita is asked in her whole excursion who pressed button on her. Shamita says there were numerous and incorporate Tejasswi’s name for expressly assaulting her.

RJ Palak requests that Shamita acclaim Tejasswi. Shamita snickers and cited Tejasswi is solid player, pretty, cook great food and her sweetheart is great.

RJ karan guarantee many has denounced that she has faith in ‘MY WAY or HIGHWAY’. Shamita says she is overwhelming prior however she is down at this point. Rakhi, Rashami, Nishant support Shamita.

Tejasswi acclaim Shamita and says she is mild-mannered and do great make-up.

RJ Karan inquires as to whether in the midst of Praitk and Nishant both of the one let her down. Shamita says Pratik is old buddy. She adds with Nishant let down happen still they share great bond.

RJ’s tell about hastag #SHARAN, Karan and Shamita giggles. Rakhi appreciates as well.

8:45 PM; Pratik and Nishant share a discussion with one another. He says everybody blame him for not taking represent him. Nishant says he said nothing to him. Pratik says he won the finale ticket by playing the game and not on the grounds that he leaned toward. Nishant says he didn’t said that so he can’t address him. Pratik says neither one of the hes denied.

Thereafter, RJ Karan and Palak question Rashami. They play out an assignment with Rashami and requests that she give a slogan to the prisoners in light of their character. Everybody appreciates.

RJ question Rashami assuming she was impacted with Umar’s expulsion. Rashami says she was dazed however she was toward the back.

Rashami is approached to take a name of competitor whom she accept is straightforward or one-sided. Rashami give legitimate title to Shamita and one-sided to Rakhi.

9:30 PM’ : RJ Karan asks Pratik, fan feel he incite the battle and bounces into everybody’s matter. Pratik dispose of the allegation.

Further, Pratik says everybody in the house misjudge him. Pratik and Karan embrace one another.

Bigg Boss make RJ karan and Palak meet detainees. Prisoners get blissful. BB says thanks to Karan and Palak.

Afterward, Rakhi requests that BB toss her out from the show as Rashami and Pratik guarantee her diversion is modest. She cries. Rashami asks Rakhi not to do over. Verbal contention happen Rashami and Rakhi.

Tejasswi, Nishant, Karan and others support Rakhi. Shamita console Rakhi. Subsequently, Rakhi and Rashami fix up. Prisoners get blissful. Rakhi and Rashami apologize to one another.

10:45 PM: Tejasswi asks Karan for what good reason he continues to attempt to disprove her. Karan protect himself.

Then, Karan read the undertaking subtleties. Prisoners need to perform live before the crowd. The person who will get less vote will get ousted on the spot.

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