Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Akshu yelling Abhi and hurrying to him. She embraces him. Jaaniye… .plays… Everyone looks on. She says I love you Abhi. He says I love you. Aarohi cries. Neil and Mahima grin. Abhi and Akshu cheerfully cry and grin. Neil moves for them. Everybody comes.

Akshu says OK, I love Abhi. Manjiri cries cheerfully. Akshu says I need to wed Abhi. Jaaniye… .plays… . Abhi checks out Akshu. Improvement string falls before them. Abhi holds her hand and takes her ahead. Akshu says sorry to conceal reality, excuse me. Manish admonishes her.

She says I realize I have harmed you a ton, excuse me Bade Papa. Manish says don’t call me Bade Papa, I m dead for yourself and Aarohi, you can’t regard me, even my older folks are at home, you could do without anybody, you both fouled up,

she went for the test and you came here to wed her husband to be, this has turned into a bad dream for us, everybody is dead for you, are we here to watch, will we applaud this show, is there some other dramatization left. Akshu says sorry.

Manish cries and says I attempted a great deal to assume your folks’ position yet you showed me my place. Akshu says sorry. Brutal insults them. Manish says we are moving on your and your child’s tune, all of you destroyed us, you chasten your child.

Akshu requests that he quiet down. Manish inquires as to for what reason were you quiet previously, for what reason didn’t you say previously. Kairav says Bade Papa… Manish stops him and inquires as to for what reason were you saying. Abhi says molding, values, this happens ordinarily, molding is done since adolescence, one needs to secure family regard and can’t see sentiments, this occurred with Akshu,

she was unable to say anything on account of childhood, she neglected love however not your childhood, she broke all vows to me, she didn’t break the guarantee to her sister, she is your Akshu, she sees you as Lord. Brutal inquires as to for what reason are you giving a talk in their matter. Abhi guards Akshu and contends with Harsh.

Unforgiving says she is to blame. Abhi says she is spot on. Unforgiving says she knew the outcomes of her deed. Abhi says she didn’t realize that she will admit her affection, I have constrained her. Cruel inquires as to for what reason did you prepare to wed Aarohi. Abhi says I never adored Aarohi, I plainly told her that I love Akshu,

ask her. Aarohi yells stop it. She chastens Abhi. She says you can’t rejecty me, I reject you, you have harmed my self image. She tosses her bangles and adornments. Suwarna requests that she quiet down. Aarohi says you are Abhimanyu, you needed to get tangled in the Chakravyu, I didn’t have the foggiest idea about my sister will lay this snare.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th January 2022 Written Update:

She requests that Akshu shut up. She says I m dead for you, you are dead for me, we have no connection presently, step relations are as of now criticized, you are a revile for my life, you need to grab everything from me, you grabbed my mum at the sanctuary and today you grabbed everything from me. She flees. Everybody gets down on her. Aarohi slips on the steps and tumbles down. Akshu hurries to see her.

Everybody hurries to save Aarohi. Akshu holds Aarohi and falls on the stone. She asks are you fine, did anything happen to you. Aarohi gets up and inquires as to for what reason did you save me. Akshu says I lost Sirat, I would rather not lose you. Aarohi says our connection is finished. Akshu says don’t say this. Abhi requests that Akshu quiet down.

Akshu swoons. Abhi holds her. He lifts her. Manish says don’t contact her, leave her. He requests that Kairav and Vansh go. Abhi gazes at them. They stop. Abhi takes Akshu. Manish asks where are you taking her. Unforgiving and Anand request that he stop. Manjiri says Abhi, take her to her home. Abhi leaves.

Precap :Abhi says you are fine. Manish gives the charges to him and requests that he go. Abhi says I will take shagun from you. He gets inflexible. Manish requests that he leave. Aarohi looks on.

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