Aggar Tum Na Hote 25th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode starts with Niyati asks Gajendra that who is Bhagavati and how he managed him. She says that imagine a scenario where he is behind Saira and Abhimanyu’s grab. She requests that he send his watchmen to track down Bhagavati. Gajendra stays quiet. She asks him that for what reason he isn’t uttering a word. Sulochna tells Niyati that Bhagavati is bad dream for themselves and due to him just they left the town. She says that they needs to leave now on the off chance that this issue is connected with Bhagavati. Niyati asks them that for what valid reason they fear Bhagavati this much.

Manorama requests that Niyati leave with Sulochna. Niyati asks Gajendra that for what good reason he isn’t looking through Bhagavati. Sulochna uncovers that Bhagavati is no more and it’s Gajendra who killed him. Amma says that Bhagavati annihilated everybody’s life. Gajendra reviews that how Bhagavati battled with him and accidentally he killed him. He illuminates everything to Niyati.

Then again, Shagun says that his dad was everything for herself and he needed her to study and today she is satisfying his fantasy yet he isn’t alive to see that. Furthermore Gajendra is liable for her dad’s demise and presently she will grab Gajendra’s child from him. She illuminates her companions that she found with regards to Abhimanyu and followed him wherever to be aware of him. Then, at that point, she found out with regards to his infection and his adoration for Niyati. She says that she expanded the force of Abhimanyu’s shock treatment and as a result of that he lost his recollections. Then, at that point, she executed her next arrangement by meeting Abhimanyu on the lookout and presently he is infatuated with her.

Gajendra says that he would have rather not kill Bhagavati and it’s Bhagavati who grabbed lands from ranchers. So he and Ram additionally chose to leave the town like others however Bhagavati acted mischievously with Amma so he battled with him and keeping in mind that battling he killed him accidentally. Then, at that point, they passed on the town to escape from Bhagavati’s mens. And keeping in mind that getting away from he got isolated from Ram. He lets Niyati know that that is the means by which he came to UP. What’s more he has no clue about that what occurred with Bhagavati’s family in Bihar. Niyati lets him know that perhaps Bhagavati’s family needs retribution from him. Massi says that Gajendra has numerous adversaries as a result of business so it’s excessive that Bhagavati’s family is behind this capture.

Aggar Tum Na Hote 24th January 2022 Written Update:

Shagun’s companion lets Shagun know that they should kill Gajendra’s family. Shagun tells her that they can’t kill them effectively and she had other arrangement however Abhimanyu demolished her arrangement by fleeing from house. She requests that her companions be cautious with Saira.

In the interim, Abhimanyu recovers his awareness and requests that hooligans take off the fabric from his face. They won’t eliminate it. He begins singing frightfully so thugs takes off the fabric. Hooligans takes steps to kill him. Abhimanyu says that he realizes that they won’t kill him now. He lets them know that he need to utilize restroom. He believes that he should utilize this opportunity to escape.

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