BhagyaLakshmi 16th November 2022 Written Update:

BhagyaLakshmi 16th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Lakshmi calling Shalu. Shalu goes to the call and hears Lakshmi’s voice and inquires as to whether she is crying. She requests that Lakshmi recollect their father and keep mentally collected. Lakshmi says she wants to apologize to father as she has done a mix-up.

Shalu says you never did a mix-up. Lakshmi says this time I got it done. Shalu requests that she tell her what occurred. Lakshmi says she did some error that she can’t change. Shalu demands her to tell her what occurred. Kiran comes to Oberoi house and yells Lakshmi’s name. Lakshmi drops the telephone in shock and goes first floor.

Karishma asks Kiran what occurred. Kiran requests that Lakshmi admit. Neelam asks what was the deal? Lakshmi says she sat idle. Kiran affronts Lakshmi. Virendra stops Kiran and requests that she let them know what occurred. Kiran says my little girl is missing and Lakshmi has abducted her. Everybody gets stunned.

Virendra asks what’s this, Lakshmi can’t make it happen. Lakshmi says she didn’t make it happen. Kiran says each offender says it. Neelam inquires as to whether she has any confirmation. Kiran requests that Sonia get out whatever she heard. Sonia uncovers to everybody that she heard Lakshmi saying she will vanish Malishka assuming she in the middle of among her and Rishi. Lakshmi says it’s simply a trick. Neelam asks Lakshmi where she proceeded to ask about her whereabouts.

Lakshmi says she didn’t abduct Malishka and demands Virendra and Neelam to trust her. Neelam requests that she let them know where she went so they will choose. Lakshmi remains quiet. Karishma requests that Lakshmi talk. Virendra requests that Lakshmi defend herself by letting them know where she proceeded to tell her that he realizes that she can never foul up. Lakshmi says she went for work.

Karishma inquires as to whether she went to seize Malishka. Lakshmi says no. Neelam requests that Lakshmi uncover reality. Kiran requests that Lakshmi say where is Malishka. Lakshmi says she doesn’t have any idea where could she be? Kiran lifts her hand to slap Lakshmi. Dadi stops her and advises her that Lakshmi is their girl in regulation. Abhay says we regard you that is the reason we came here first if not we might go to the police headquarters to gripe against her.

Kiran requests that Lakshmi let them know where is Malishka. Lakshmi in tears says she didn’t abduct anybody and leaves. Sonia says Lakshmi may be the guilty party. Kiran tells everybody that she will take any measures to get her little girl.

Lakshmi in tears reviews how Ayush called her last evening and illuminates her that he did a mishap and begs her to come to his area without illuminating anybody. Lakshmi concurs and goes to where she sees Ayush us crying seeing the harmed individual. Lakshmi inquires as to for what reason didn’t he take him to the medical clinic. Ayush says his mind didn’t work in pressure.

Lakshmi checks the individual and lets Ayush know that he is alive. Ayush says now he gets certainty and tells her that they can take him to the medical clinic. Ayush in tears says the police case can’t occur if not family’s standing will be in question. Lakshmi guarantees him all will be well. He begs her to not illuminate anybody.

Lakshmi concurs and takes the harmed individual to the emergency clinic. Lakshmi in tears says Virendra trust me so much however I can’t come clean with them on account of Ayush. She chooses to not break her guarantee to Ayush.

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